Written by Lisandy

18 Jan 2012

We had fantasised about our first doggin session many many times whilst fuckin and suckin. Well we cracked it last night. Lisa came to mine dressed, as ever, beautifully with a long clinging dress, new lingerie and black leather boots. We went for a meal first and Lisa had a few drinks to warm her up and loosen her up then we drove out to a local spot we had become aware of. Both nervous but tremendously excited and aroused. It was about 11pm and very dark, parked in the corner of a large carpark and inbetween two cars with single guys in! Got down to it with the interior light on, me sucking Lisa's beautiful big titties and then her suckin my cock with her dress around her waist and her arse against the window....... nothing happened. After ten mins of trying to tempt the loosers we moved to the other end of the park and struck lucky very quickly. Reversed near to a guy in a car and began to play again. Wasn't long before our admirer was upto the window and had his cock out. Lisa gave him a big smile as I spread her legs and fingered her pussy whilst she played with her tits. He was wanking furiously to Lisa's delight. Lisa then moved onto her knees to suck my cock with her arse up to the window! After a while we were so horny we decided to put the window down and Lisa straddled me. The admirere was wankin furiously and it was a huge turn-on to be watched so closely by a complete stranger whilst we were fuckin so eagerly. I encouraged Lisa and she allowed him to smack her arse whilst she rode me. It was all to much for me and I spurted deep inside her. Mmmm wonderful.