Written by bazzy

3 Jul 2007

Please let me know if you enjoyed this account. Thanks Bazzy.

We rested for a while and had another smoke. K was gently fondling Chris’s big fat dick. I got harder seeing this and started stroking myself. K smiled and said ‘wank yourself off for me’ Chris sat on the edge of the bed with K kneeling between his legs. I was standing next to K and wanking close to her face. Chris’s cock slowly started to harden again as K softly stroked his cock and balls. She told Chris to lie back and pull his legs back and open she then started licking his balls whilst holding his stiffening shaft in her hand. Her other hand was feverishly working her clit and pussy. The groans in the room were now almost animal as the sexual tension built again.

Chris pulled his legs further back exposing his anus to K. K looked up at me, pure lust all over her face and slowly licked across her lips top and bottom ‘ watch this’ she purred. She resumed licking his balls and then moved further down teasing his arsehole with her tongue. This sent me over the top and I shot my load over her back.

Chris was now fully hard again as K worked her tongue into his anus. The sight of my lovely wife tongue fucking the guys arse and gripping his huge shaft was awesome. From this angle I could clearly see that her fingers and thumb didn’t even come close to encircling his girth. I suddenly felt a pang of jealousy as I looked down at my now flaccid dick which looked like a toy version of the real thing throbbing in my wifes hand.

‘get me some lube’ K’s voice brought me back to earth again. I handed her the KY and watched as she eased one and then two fingers into his hole. Chris started to wank himself but K put her hand on his and told him to leave it to her. She had two fingers in his arse and was licking up and down his cock which by now looked fit to burst, the foreskin fully back the shiny head of his cock looked like a very large wet plum. K was slurping the pre cum as his big balls tightened again. Now she increased the pace of her fingers in his arse and just flicked her tongue around his glans. Without touching his shaft Chris began to orgasm, thick spurts of cum jetted out. K just carried on flicking his helmet with her tongue as he unloaded a huge amount in her face, in her mouth and everywhere. He seemed to cum for at least half a minute bucking and groaning as he did. Eventually he stopped bucking and K at last gripped his shaft and milked the last from him into her mouth, squeezing his balls as if she was trying to really drain them. Chris just said ‘ that was good sex’ a short silence was broken by K going into a fit of giggles. I started giggling too at Chris’s slight understatement!

K got cleaned up and we went to sleep. In the morning Chris had gone while I was asleep. K said he had left early and she had got up and seen him to his car to say goodbye. Chris had said what a special woman K was and how he would like to meet with her alone if she wanted to.

‘what did you say’ I asked. K put her arms around my neck a nuzzled my shoulder ‘I told him that wouldn’t be happening It was a great night and the sex was awesome but I have a husband who I love and would have cheated on him long before now if big cocks were that important to me’

She said he looked a little hurt so she gave him a little peck on the cheek and felt the front of his trousers ‘listen you’ve got a gorgeous big cock in there and I really enjoyed it but at the end of the day its still just a cock’

I kissed K and held her close, keenly aware of the bond and love between us. ‘fancy a quicky before we go’ ‘why not’ I replied.