Written by grant

15 Apr 2014

Following my post last week...the Flood gates opened... i Thought I'd post about a first meet From a Dating site. Firstly apologies for the Random capital letters.....my Phone Just puts them in randomly.

Anyway I'm the Kind of guy Always on the Look out for my Next shag with Someone New. I'd Posted a Profile on a well Known but Normal ish Dating site. Among the usual waffle I'd listed Spanking as an Interest. Most women didn't seem to Notice, Some found it a bit weird, but Luckily quite a few were at least Interested. One particular woman said she Dreamt of being Submissive, recently divorced, and had read that 50 shades thing.

anyway we exchanged plenty of messages, and Although she was really into it, i went Along with it Just hoping to get Some dirty sex. Her messages were Along the Lines of wanting to be chained up overnight etc. anyway Finally we agreed to meet. For Those who Know Arundel, we met at that pub/restaurant at cross Bush on the a27. I'd told her that if she is happy to Serve me she must go to the toilets, Remove her Knickers, and Hand them to me on her return. From then on She'd do as She's told.

Time came to meet, i got there early, and sat inside with a view of the car park. Finally she pulled in.....brand New Shiny Mercedes. She got out and was Dripping class and Money. I'm a Handyman....and I'd got Changed in the Back of my van....and i Looked Disheveled to say The least. But she didn't seem to mind...we greeted each Other like old Friends. Really she oozed class.i was Guessing a size 14, around 5ft7. Perfect make up....lipstick, shoes, Hand bag all Matched her top. Short black tight skirt, and Patterned Stockings.

Within a couple minutes of Chatting She'd gone to the toilets and on her return she openly Handed me her Pants.... this was going well.... i was openly groping her, and at One stage was able to discreetly finger her.

After an hour chatting it was Clear She'd fuck me. It was dark outside and raining on and off. This was going to be a car or van fuck. I Know that area well, there are many unclassified Roads but also many dog walkers. But i Know a Private Road Nearby, Used by horse riders, and Shooters. But i couldn't Imagine anyone else being there at night, in the rain.

I told her to follow me and park in Front of me. Once we Arrived, she did Just that, parking side on in Front of my Headlights. I tested her telling her to strip Down to her stockings and heels before getting out the car,

It seemed to Take ages, and she touched up her make up before exiting her merc. She Looked fabulous. I left my side lights on and got out the van before Bending her over the side of her Car and spanking her...really hard!

The ground was Pretty muddy and after Speaking her i made her Take her shoes off and Dragged her around a bit by her hair. She was Loving it.

Then it was Business Time.... Time to Bend her over again..,this Time holding her arse apart and Spitting on her ring Piece before Forcing my cock up her arse. She was tight but Willing, the sex was Pretty brutal....pulling her hair, spanking her hard, and fucking her even harder. Before i came i ordered her Onto her Knees and pumped my cum deep Down her throat. She Knelt there....in the mud, Looked up at me and said ' piss On me"

So i did Just That....hosed her Down...her hair, face, and body. All As she Knelt in the mud.

Before leaving i fisted both her holes anduk stuffed her Knickers deep up Her cunt.

I left Her covered in mud and piss, and drove off.

We met Just One more Time after That