Written by franknan

29 Jun 2010

Although terribly nervous, I had agreed that F, could place an advert for a ‘sensuous massage with no strings attached.’ Eventually, after careful sifting, we arranged to meet B in a local pub; far enough to remain fairly anonymous but close enough to invite him back if I fancied him. B was tall, slim, good looking with twinkling eyes and a relaxing smile. He was very sociable and the conversation flowed. Can’t remember now about what, but I did feel nice and warm inside, and as I squeezed my thighs felt myself becoming moist as I thought, ‘Mmmmm , wouldn’t mind some of this! ‘

After indicating to F that I was interested, I left him to make the arrangements. As I went to powder my nose, I couldn’t help noticing B’s eyes following me across the room as my breasts and hips swung in unison. I felt good! I realised I enjoyed being the centre of attention. My attention to detail had chosen a see through skirt with skimpy thong and as I crossed to the ladies I posed as the sunlight streamed through the windows clearly identifying what was beneath. On my return the arrangements had obviously been made and F and B were ready to leave. I wasn’t quite sure how I felt, but I remember my legs were a little uncertain as we made her way to the car park.

My heart had been racing ever since I had seen his naked form, in the semi darkness as we undressed, and then more clearly in the subdued lighting of the hot tub. How could I have not noticed his manhood pointing to the night’s sky as he got into the bubbling waters? He had written that he was very well endowed, and this was truly manifested in all its glory. Perhaps more than I could handle? We had agreed on a sensuous massage without strings but this was already in question. I felt his strong thighs pressing against mine as we sat side by side in the tub, but apart from that he was a perfect gentleman, even complimentary as my breasts became buoyant in the water.

I tried to appear composed and relaxed as his hands skilfully massaged my shoulder and then moved unhurriedly down my back, soothingly inch by inch, my buttocks, thighs and legs. I nodded in agreement when he asked if I was ready to turn over, not caring any more if I exposed my breasts and more intimate treasure.

Had he realised that, although I was trying to appear cool, calm and relaxed, his experienced hands were wakening my curiosity and reducing what little resolve was left? Did he know that my body was coming alive and I was gradually losing control? Although my eyes were firmly closed, I was aware of his young naked body touching mine as he stretched across to massage warmth into my now willing body, as well as generating a stirring in my loins.

B certainly knew how to tease and how to arouse a woman, for even when massaging my inner thighs he was careful not to caress my vaginal lips. This was beginning to feel good, in fact better than good. What was he going to do? What next? Would I be able to resist if I wanted to?

‘Would you like me to massage your breasts now?’ he asked softly, as I mumbled submissively in agreement. His warm silk hands gently caressed their peaks in sweeping movements, and my whole body quivered in anticipation. His fingers teased, and then rolled my nipples, causing me to shudder uncontrollably. Feeling his swollen cock rubbing against my arm, I boldly stroked it knowingly, as he groaned his approval. Sighs mingled, mine with contented satisfaction, and his with a rock hard eagerness.

His mouth enveloped mine as his hands intensified my mounting pleasure. I arched my back as his tongue traced my lips and then plunged deep inside. As our tongues struggled for dominance, my body began to tense as I realise that one hand was now sliding confidently down my tummy, and a finger was seeking, caressing before unfolding then gently probing. His mouth switched from my lips to my breast, and my nipple surrendered as he sucked hungrily. Trickling juices made his invasion much easier as he explored; my breathing became noticeably heavier, and my stroking of his cock became more deliberate. His head lowered and moans of delight reverberated around the room as his tongue began to caress and embrace my swollen clitoris before ordering it to dance to his tune. My hips rose to meet his advances and then gyrated as his tongue lapped and his fingers twisted and probed. Only one thing could now satisfy my rampant desire and I left him in no doubt where he should put his throbbing cock. Triumphantly, I pulled him closer to me. I couldn’t care a damn if his cock split me wide open. My god how I needed him!

Changing holds, he firmly took my ankles and drew me slowly but deliberately towards the end of the massage couch and I bent my knees so that his erect member was so, so close. Stroking my pussy lips with the tip of his enormous weapon, B became bolder and bolder. My God was I really inviting him to place that monster into my cunt? ‘Be gentle!’ I implored as I waited for an experience of a lifetime. I held my breath as his tip taunted and tortured; my hips rising and falling in anticipation, inviting, no demanding him to enter. Tenderly, he edged forward. I gasped as I began to realise that his length was matched by his girth, and I felt my lips being spread as he entered my tunnel of love. Like a slow piston he ground deeper, his hand tugging my nipples ecstatically in his grasp.

I flinched as I felt his knob filling me completely. How proud I was that I had taken him fully and was still intact. Glowing with pride I began to take command and he gave a sharp intake of breath as my pussy griped his cock tightly and demandingly. First slowly and then with hastening need we moved in unison. ‘My God, ‘he said, ‘you are so wet’. And indeed I could feel my juices trickling down the inside of my thighs as the slapping of his balls against my arse increased in frequency. It was occasionally unpleasant as he lifted my legs higher and thrust even more deeply, but I could take anything he could give. Passion overcame any discomfort and our bodies contorted. United in animalistic hunger we were deep in lust!

The pleasure was immeasurable and as my arousal intensified, gratification blended with excruciating pain as we heightened together. As I tensed, he quickened his thrusts until with a roar almost tore me apart. I screamed as we both exploded together, my body shook uncontrollably as I felt him pulsing inside me as our sperms mingled in blissful freedom. With arms entwined I felt his juices spurting inside me, as mine oozed over his balls and thighs.