Written by Billy

6 Feb 2007

My wife Lynne and i have long talked during sex about her having another man to have sex with. Lynne is 41yrs size 14 long brown hair and a nice firm pair of 36dd breasts.

For months the talk about who what where would fuel our love making till one day Lynne during sex said that she would like to give this a go. Got my cock could not contain its excitement the thought of my sexy wife being had by another bloke in front of me.

For a few weeks we looked a various profiles looking for a suitable guy that was not too local that we would bump into him after the even but close enough so that he could meet us.

Lynne wanted a Athletic guy aged 20-30yrs ( The Younger Lover) with Black short hair and good looking. She liked the idea of a Younger lover who would be excited to have his was with an older experianced woman.

We found a Lad called Peter ( Not Real Name) who fitted all the crieria that Lynne wanted. We exchanged a few E Mails and Pics and discussed what we were all after and eventually came up with a date and location for a meet.

My Birthday was coming up soon and Lynne thought that we could combine a Celebration for my birthday with something special. We Arranged a room at a Hotel 20miles from where we live and arranged a dinner for 3 at the hotel for the Saturday Evening as we thought this would be a great way for us all to relax into what would be our first taste of swinging.

As the day approached Lynne and i were making love like never before talking about what Peter wil due toLynne which made me so Horny and her so wet. I used her large 10inch vibrator on her love hole in order to stretch her and prepare her for the feel of a different cock to my own.

The day arrived and we packed a suite case and went of to the hotel and took possession of our large Bedroom suite. Lynne ran a bath and washed herself and shaved her love hole in preperation for her new lover. My cock was so hard and excited watching her prepare her body knowing that within a few hours another man was going to be on her and having his way with her.

We had agreed on an outfit for her she loves her lingerie and i love her in it MM so nice and soft. She put on a White silk thong and a white camisole top no Bra her nipples poking through the silk. She wore a white suspecder belt and white patterned silk stocknings that i helped her fasten to her belt. A nice silk and lace half slip under her black wrap skirt and white silk blouse. This was all finished with a spray of her perfume that always trickers my cock of to fuck her! but tonight i would have to wait.

Lynne paraded around the bedroom for me with ever move of her body the split in her skirt opened to show of her white silk and lace slip. She placed her High Heels on and we went down to the bar wehere we agreed to meet Peter. Sute enough peter was standing by the bar starting on his first dring dressed rathre smartly and all in all a good looking 23year old lad. Lynne gripped my hand and whispered god he is a bit of alright as we got closer.

The initial introductions were over quickly and soon we were at Dinner a combination of small talk and flirting as Ptere and Lynne sat next to each other. What i was unaware of but later found out is that Lynne skirt was gaped open as she sat and Peters hand could not keep away from fiddling with her silky slip and rubbing at her thong through it. Wondered whay she was smiling away!

We consumed quite a few glassed of wine and dinner ended and i suggested we retire to our room and use the bar in there. Up to our room we all went Ptere and Lynne were obviously getting on very well as they laughed and giggled about as we walked to our room. He certainly liked rubbing his hand on her lovely arse through the fabric of her skirt.

We entered the room and i fixed us all a drink Lynne and Peter sat on the end of the bed again her skirt opening and showing her slip which seemed to have Peters eyes Fixed. His hand went across and toucked her slip and Lynne said dont be shy you werent at the dinner table and she took his hand and said touch it see how soft and silky it is in your hands. He gripped the silk and lace and was playing with it in his hand. Lynne said wait a minute at that she stood up unbuttoned her skirt that fell to the floor exposing her slip and i noticed a large bulge appear in Peters trousers. Lynne took his hand and placed it on her Breast and Pete gripped the silky white blouse and was squeezing her breast though the silky material. Lynne unbuttoned her silk top and took it of so that all she had on was the slip and camisole top.

Lynne said to Pete now its your turn? well he did not need telling twice and he quickly took his trousers and shirt of leaving him in a pain of white boxers his cock straining on the meterial to get loose. His hand was now between Lynnes legs fingering her cunt as she pulled his cock from within his shorts exposing a rather nice 8inch thick cut cock that was cleaming and very erect. At this Lynne bent forwards and took the helmet into her mouth slowly sucking and teasing the edge of his helmet with her tongue.

Pete seemed to enjoy this and was moaning as she rimmed the helmet which he found very sensative. He was so carried away with Lynnes performance that he had slowed down with his foreplay of her clit. Lynne then pushed him to the bed and pulled her slip and and pushed aside her thing and guided his wet cock into her cunt slowly easing it in as without a doubt he was thicker and slightly longer than i. Lynne started to push up and down on his cick riding it slowly but building up the pace. After about Five minutes Ptete was saying im Close and want to cum. At this lynne stopped and got of and removed her camisole reveilling her large breasts and Pete took her nipple into her mouth and sucked away as Lyyne rubbed her slip on his wet cock just to ensure it stayed hard. After five minutes she again got onto his cock again rode it slowly at forst but built the pace up until she started to moan and had a masive climax as Pete thrust his rod into her obviously pleased at making this older woman cum.

Soon Pete was saying that he was about to cum and should he come out ? Lynne was having non of that and said no way i want your young seed inside me at which Pete taking that as a Green Light thrust harder and pushd his head back and with deep moans pumped his spunk into Lynne which caused her to cum again.

She stayed on his cock for a few minutes until he was unable to keep his hard at which she climed off. She went to her suitacse and put on a pair of Nickers as she wanted to keep as muck cum and wetness inside her as she could for me to have her.

Pete thanked us and quickly got changed and left as Lynne turned to me. I had kept my clothes on through all of this and my cock just wanted unleeshing which Lynne was only to pleased to do. I got my body as close to her as i could and could smell his on her, she told me that i looked ready to pop which i was a nice big load into her! but she suggested that perhaps i use her large black Vibrator on her and push his spunk deep into her hole and make her orgasm again. I did what i was told and used her Vibrator on her and slowly teased her hole with it and could see Petes Creamy spunk bubbling around the edge of her hole. Lynne took her Camisole top and slowly rubbed my penis with the silky material as i brought her to climax wuth her Vibrator. I withdrew the vibrator and could see all the spunk on it he must have cum loads.

Lynne turned to me and said as you are the Alfa male you had best dominate me and put your cum over the top of my toy boys cum. At this i thrust it into her madly fucking her as she teased me about her toy boy lover till ahhhhh i came not just a bit but loads and that was not the only time i came that night.

This true story has boosted an already great sex life onto a different level that causes us to have a better love life, so if you are thinking of doing this get on and do it as you dont know what you are missing!!