Written by TonyandBarb

13 Jan 2010

Hi I'm Barb part of a couple living in the Hants area. I thought I would tell you about the first time I was alone without hubby. He works away and we usually organise meets for when he is back, I was online talking to couples trying to sort the next meet. I got talking to a couple from just down the road who seemed very nice, we all got on well so exchanged msn and phone numbers. Later that night I got a call from the wife Louise she said they would be in my area tomorrow and could they pob in for a coffee, I agreed and told them when I'd be home. The next morning I was nervous to say the least it was the first time I had met a couple without hubby so shaking like leaf lol. I dressed for the meet in a pink short dress and boots, a g' string and no bra, I don't have big breasts so thought it would be nice as you can see my pierced nipples. I was hoping thry would come so I could flirt a bit and sort a meeting for us both. At around 11 I heard a knock at the door, my nerves really were high now lol. I opened the door to be greeted by Tom the guy and no Louise, I asked where she was but he aid she was ill. I kept him at the door until he called her and she confirmed she was ill but was happy for Tom to have a coffee with me. I let him in and put on the kettle he followed me into the kitchen and commented on how good I looked, I went red but loved it lol. He was a good looking guy bald but fit looking a nice tan and a nice face. I reached for the cups only to have Tom move over and hold my waist, my dress rode up to show my lower bum and he stoked my leg. I moved away and told him I would prefer to wait until we were all together and what would Louise think. he told me Louise wanted me to call her. I called and she told me she would love Tom to have some fun with me and that she wished she were there so we could all have fun. I told her how I really wished she was as I wanted her as much as him lol. As we talked we walked into the front room and tom sat on the sofa and started to stroke his cock, I was standing three ft away from him and lifted my dress to show my lovely bum and shaved pussy under my silk g. Now my hubby is not asmall guy 7in cut, but when Tom dropped his trousers i was shoked, he must have been 9in plus and lovely and thick, shaved balls. I lifted my dress off and told Loiuse i had to suck him, I handed the phone to Tom who talked to his wife as I sucked and licked that huge cock. He reached down and played with my nipples as I took him deep in my mouth using my tongue around his huge bell end. He pulled me off and pulled my G to one side as he licked my wet pussy and bum, I wanted him so much, we moved to the kitchen and he bent me over the bench where I have never had a cock that big thrust into my wet holes, the neighbours must have heard as he rode me so hard and fast. He was about to come so I took him in my mouth again and let him explode over my face. He tooks some pics for Louise and left, since then we have all met on numerous occasions, my hubby Louise Tom and myself love the fun we have but to this day I have never told my hubby about me and Tom, hopefully he'll read this and give me a good seeing too lol