28 Mar 2019

This is about me giving my first Bi Anal, normally i have been the receiver, i give oral but that was about it, anyway i met this guy on line, chatted a few times, telephone wank etc but he had said he would like to take his first anal, i thought this is my perfect opportunity even if i don't get it right.

we chatted again and as he was not to far away arranged to meet at his place, i drove over with an hard on all the way, my cock was throbbing so much, i knocked on the door and was greeted by this very polite guy, invited me in, house was very immaculate, clean and fresh which always tells you something,

he invited me upstairs so i followed and he started to strip off so i followed suit, only then to find my erection had gone and my cock hung limp, embarrassed or what, luckily i have a decent size cock so it didn't look to bad, he lay on the bed and invited me to the side of the bed where he took hold of my cock, very gentley he stroked my shaft which by now was becoming hard again and was also dripping pre-cum, he then started to lick up and down my shaft, i was now very hard and pulsating like mad, hold it i kept telling myself, in the end i had to pull out of his mouth, his tongue tormenting my bell,

i then went round the otherside of the bed where he then got on all fours with his bum hole staring at me, i moved over him and played with his quite small cock, it was also dripping pre cum, i started to rub my cock on his hole but it was clenched tight, i tried and tried to enter him, i was now becoming so horny and frustrated a little, my cock just would not go in and started to go down, i though this is a disaster just then he said some lube on the side, i grabbed the tube and squirted it all round his hole and on my cock.

i then moved my soft cock around his hole, i just about got the end of my cock in so i kept it pushed hard to stop it coming back out again, i started to grind his ass and then i could feel my cock coming back to life, i was so good to feel my shaft sliding in and out, he had also started to groan, my cock now had really grown and i could feel every thrust, his moans got louder and louder which was turning me on even more, every thrust now i could feel my bell go between like a mouth inside, i felt so good, the sensation was unbelievable i didnt want it to stop but i did want to empty my sack, i started banging harder and he seemed to like it even more he was begging me to fuck him hard, harder he murmered, i was now frightend i was gonna hurt him with my cock, but he kept on shouting yes yes pre cum was pouring out of his cock like a tap dripping, just then i felt the point of no return coming my body was shaking uncontrolably it felt so good i didnt want it to stop just then he shouted yes yes yes and he too shook, that was hit i felt like my cock had exploded, then again and again and again and again i lost count of the spurts, i was exausted and feeling so drained,

i pulled out of him and looked at my cock which was still erect, cum was pouring from his hole, i had not noticed but he too had shot his load all over the bed, i got him to suck my cock clean and i reciprocted on his.

This as got to be one of the best orgasms i have ever had in my life, i have just wanked off writing this!!