Written by Gary

9 Apr 2018

This only happened last weekend and i think i might have enjoyed it a bit too much, ive always been a bit curious about what it would be like to suck another guys cock and make him cum in my mouth, ive thought about it a lot lately as i'm now in my 40's and i feel i don't want to miss my opportunity and regret never having done something that has intrigued me my whole life. Well last Friday i got my wish , id gone out for a drive as i often do when my wife goes out usually to have a wank outdoors in the fresh air , i parked my car in one of the local wooded car parks not far from me turned the lights off and sat there for a few minutes just running my fingers over the front of my jeans. It wasn't long before i was straining at my buttons, so i tilted the seat back undid my jeans and started stroking myself, my cock didn't take long to get rock hard , i had a quick look around opened my door swung my legs out and pulled my jeans and shorts down and off. Feeling brave i left the door open and proceeded to wank myself with one hand and rub my precum down my cock with the other, the cool air heightening my senses, i was so deep in the moment that i didn't notice the couple come walking towards the car. The first thing i knew was i heard a slight cough i opened my eyes and thought oh fuck, tried to cover myself up but my jeans and shorts were on the floor outside the car, so i did my best to cover my stiff cock, for some reason i didn't close the door though. He sort of beckoned me to carry on only saying if you don't mind us watching that is, so tentatively i started to rub myself again, and was rock hard again in no time. They moved closer to my open door and i heard his zip go and as i turned my head to see what was happening i was confronted with my first close up of an erect cock. I was so turned on i could feel myself shaking, i reached out and ran my finger across the end of his cock as he pulled his foreskin back he was dripping wet and right then i knew my curiosity was going to get the better of me. He pushed himself towards me, i opened my mouth and took his cock in tasting an erect cock for the first time, fuck it was better than i could have imagined, he wanked, i sucked and i carried on wanking myself, there was no him forcing himself down my throat just gently pushing while i licked around his helmet and sucked his very hard straight veiny cock , it was a handsome looking cock, before id even got going he started to moan that he was cumming, i was quite surprised that i must have been that good but not quite as surprised as by the amount he came, i just seemed to keep swallowing and my mouth was still full, i didnt want to stop i loved every moment and every drop of his cum and as he pulled his cock from my mouth i let out a big sigh, he stood next to my car reached in car grabbed my cock and started to wank me, i must have lasted 10 seconds before exploding over his hand and up his arm,as soon as id cum he stood up mumbled a thank you grabbed his GF's hand who'd stood there watching the whole time and walked away. That was last Friday and i so need to do it again