Written by Hazel

11 Sep 2012

When we arrived back at the hotel, we bumped into Lucy who asked how our sunbathing had gone, to which Mike answered amazing. What did you get up to Mike asked her. We sat around in the reception and then decided to go for a drink, which led to more drinks and then I fucked Hazels hubby. I was gob smacked. My husband fucking a young girls like this. Mind you, her husband had fucked me, so I suppose we were equal. We arranged to meet up after dinner in the lobby and off I went to our room to see my unfaithful husband. I quietly walked into the dark room and found him starkers on the bed. I took off my dress and bikini and lay down beside him. I took hold of his limp cock and started to wank him slowly, to which he responded and whispered, I don't think I can do it again Lucy. Lucy?? He thought I was Lucy. OK bit of fun here then I thought. I went down on him and took his cock in my mouth, gently sucking it. He was growing harder by the second and I thought to myself, he's getting all the fun here, so I went into the 69 position and had him suck out all of Mike's cum, which I'm sure he thought was his own. I then got up and put his cock into my now soaking pussy and rode him like mad. He was carressing my tits as I came and I pushed harder and harder onto him. This is great Lucy, he said. Fucking Lucy, I said, this is Hazel you fucking wife. I thought he'd go all limp on me, but within seconds he was coming inside me. We lay there for a few minutes and then started kissing. We sat up and then related our days experiences. We had a shower and got dressed in our best clothes and went down for dinner, followed by our meeting with Mike and Lucy.