Written by Hazel

15 Sep 2012

We arrived at the hotel and got into the lift for the 12th floor. The door closed and Mike turned to Lucy and I and said right girls, get your clothes off before we get to our floor. We looked at each other and shrugged, doing exactly as we were told. We just managed before the doors opened. John picked up our clothes and the 3 guys led the way to the room as we cowered behind, hoping that no-one would see us. Mike opened the door and the guys went in, but told us to stay outside and start getting it on. I've never so much as looked at another woman from that point of view, so it came as a shock. The door closed and Lucy said, well I suppose we'd better do as we're told and duly put her arms round my neck and started kissing me. I was astonished at how quickly I got turned on by this. Her hand went down between my legs and started to rub me. I was now getting wet and was enjoying the whole experience. Lucy pulled away and sank to her knees, pushing my legs apart and started licking my hole. I started to cum as she licked harder and harder, then the door opened and we were pulled into the room. Mike and John had an arm each and took me straight to the bed and threw me onto it and hubby took Lucy to the other bed.

Right Hazel, Mike said, who do you want to fuck you first. I want you first Mike, because John is bigger than any of you and he needs to go last. Mike got on top of me and stuck his cock in immediately and John brought his cock up level with my face, which meant I could give him a blow job. I was starting to cum again when Lucy shouted over and told John to come and fuck her next. I came just at the thought of John putting his big cock into this petite, sex mad girl. John cock was immediately replaced in my mouth by hubby who was to say the least limp, but with my sucking became hard again as he took it out of my mouth. I felt Mike hardening ready to come and and tightened by grip on his cock, this in turn gave me my 3rd orgasm since getting out of the lift and I still had John to go yet. As Mike slipped out of me I looked over at Lucy who was now riding John's cock. I thought to myself, what a shame its going to be a while before I have another orgasm. I needn't have worried because hubby suddenly pushed his cock into me. We rolled over and I started to ride him hard, grinding down on his manhood. Lucy was now on her back with John pounding her and she was sucking Mike back to life. Lucy took his cock out of her mouth and started wanking it, she then let out a scream as John obviously came inside her. Me and my better half weren't far behind. There was now only one guy with a hard cock, so was Lucy getting it was I. Lucy said because she could have it anytime with Mike, I was welcome to it. I lost count of the number of orgasms I had that night and woke up the following morning with one sore pussy.