Written by Sandyfun

27 Apr 2010

After passing the test onour inital meet, Coral, John and I began to IM to arrange our 2nd meet with the 3 of us getting together. I wouldn't be in the South West for a week so all we could do, was chat and wait - a couple of days before we were meeting again, John mailed me and asked if I was ok with someone else joining us, he said she was my type of thing and she was keen to meet me.

This sounded encouraging, so I agreed. Before I knew it I was on the M5 heading to my work, with the throbbing anticipation of what would happen afterwards.

Finding there place was a lt easier this time, John answered the door, wearing a dressing gown, we went into the kitchen, there to greet me was Coral who didnt hesitate to embrace me and kissed me deeply. She was wearing the blue kimono again - perfect! 'I'm glad you were ok with Sue coming along, I ve told her all about your talents' Coral said when she had finished tonguing me. She firmly rubbed my crotch and giggled - Sue came through the door wearing a similar gown - About 5'4, dark hair, larger than Coral, a little older and oh so pretty - without speaking she came over and kissed me equally rubbing my crotch - by now I was ready for action.

John got us all a drink and we went into their lounge. On 2 large settee's, Coral sat next to me and Sue and John went on the other one. Sue was very forward and complained that everyone else was dressed down and there I was still fully clothed - Coral jumped and dissappeared for a minute, returning with an kimono for me, this wasn't my thing at all - I'd rather be naked than wear something that showed everything off - which I explianed to them.

Sue stood and came to me, offered her hand and I stood infront of her - Coral came behind me - between them them removed my clothes - everttime some flesh was exposed, they kissed it or licked it, they would stop now and then to kiss me or each other. Once they had removed everything they knelt in front of me taking turns in blowing me, sucking my balles and generally doing what ever they could!

John was on his settee, slowly wanking and as ever grinning widely!

'Are we ready to go upstairs' Coral said removing my cock from her mouth. We agreed and off we went.

A repeat of our first meet John and I stayed at the bottom the stairs while Corla went half way up, removed her kimono, rubbed her pussy for a second and then pulled out the same blue didlo from deep inside her, again she shivered, as Coral climbed the stairs Sue took her place, whipped the kimono off and gave us a good view of herself. She started to rub herself and looked like she couldn't stop - from the top of the stairs Coral complained 'Sue if you cum now you won't have the full benifit of Mark's technique' She heard her and stopped and motioned me to go to her, when I got to the stair below her she said 'Can you take mine out please' I nodded and she spread her legs, I stroked my hand upand down her thigh, edging closer to her pussy, when I reached her lips and gently carressed the outline, she moaned loudly and stopped me - 'I'm gonna cum she said leave me be for a bit' We climbed the stairs and entered the room.

She couldn’t wait any longer, lying herself on the huge bed opening her legs wide she said ‘come on Mark show me what you can do’

I got in position and began gently licking her up and down paying extra attention to her clit and pushing my tongue inside her – she was so worked up that it took no time for her to cum – it was a big one but I thought we could have done better. I turned over and lay on my back and saw that Coral and John were busy with each other in a 69 position. Sue looked happy but exhausted, so I left on the bed and went over and joined C&J.

I’ve not been in that situation before so I just went with the flow – I went for Corals enormous chest but couldn’t do a lot as they were pressed against John’s stomach, Coral raised her head, we kissed while she continued wanking John, I could feel her hand reach the end of his cock, we stopped kissing and filled my mouth with his cock, I bobbed up and down a few times but I was more interested in the girls, John complained when I stopped, by now Su was watching on the bed, ‘ready for more?’ I asked her she nodded, turned over and pushed her sizable rump in the air. I took the hint and buried my cock deep inside her, I love the way her curves provide an anchor for me hold on to while I was pounding away – she came again, turning into a moaning dribbling wreck, I was close to cumming and want to cum on her face. I pulled out, she instinctively turned over, I scrambled up the bed getting close to her face, she took hold of me and pumped my cock until him face and neck was covered in my seed – she leaned forward and cleaned me thoroughly.

I rested for a while so Sue went and joined in with C&J, she got a bottle of lube from the table, rubbed it all over her hands and went on to lube Coral’s arse – gently stretching her hole with a growing number of fingers, when she had 3 fingers inside her she began slipping them in and out – Coral still had a mouthful of John, paused for a second to orgasm, John used the break to position himself behind her, easing himself in her – he then pumped against her for some time before tensing and exploding in her.

We needed some time to recover after that…I’m seeing Sue again next week and we will meet as a 4some next month!