Written by Lizzie-Dripping

9 Feb 2007

Hi! Liz again. Had a good time today. I'd finished my shopping and was enjoying a coffee in Morrisons cafe when i spotted this guy looking at me. He wasn't so much looking at me but moreso my knee high boots. Because of the snow i'd put them on to stop me falling. I smiled and he approached. 'Mind if i join you' he said. 'No, take a seat' i replied. His name was Kevin, he was on the box with a bad back. He worked on the roads. I introduced myself, told him i was married, the usual smalltalk. After finishing my drink i told Kev i was going to the ladies and smiled as i did so. I picked my shopping up and walked off. I don't know whether you've been to Morrisons in Bilston but you go through one door by the lottery and then choose your door. So it didn't look out of place when Kev followed me. I went in first and it was clear. I opened the door and beckoned him in. In no time we were locked in a cubicle snogging. I dropped the seat and sat on it. He then lifted my legs up and slipped my boots off. He then licked and sucked each of my toes. He seemed to love it and a mighty bulge was developing in his trousers.His tongue was lapping at the soles of my feet as i unzipped him . I undid his button and his trousers dropped. I lowered his boxers and his dick sprung up. It wasn't very long but it was thick. I started to slowly wank him. When he was almost solid i eased his foreskin right back to reveal an impressive purple bellend. He then pulled my knickers to one side and thrust himself inside me. He fucked me with about 10 really hard thrusts, my head banging on the cistern behind me. I moaned with pleasure as he emptied his load deep inside me. I kissed both my feet and put my boots back on. I took his limp dick in my mouth and sucked and licked him clean. He pulled his trousers up, gave me a kiss on the cheek and left. I lit a fag and sat there to get my breath before going to my car and going home. Thats about all thats happened this week i'm afraid. Bye Lizxxxxx