Written by milnbill

15 Nov 2009

Hubby had given me the green light to go ahead and have some fun on my own. The only stipulations were there had to be photos taken throughout the session, safe sex (obviously) and no anal. It was my choice who would be my fun partner, and i chose a young hottie called L. Never one for men my own age, i loved younger and L fitted the bill exactly at 30. We had been on cam, I liked what i saw and he did too. At 50 i still had a good figure, and a tight pussy despite having 2 kids. We arranged to meet at his apartment, 20 miles away, one Friday afternoon. That morning, hubby shaved my pussy so it was lovely and smooth. He went off to work, and left me to get ready for my meet. I put on a black silky number, stockings, heels and a short black dress on top, no panties. I phoned hubby to let him know i was on my way...he asked me to stop at his office on the way, which i had to pass. I arrived at his office and he met me in the car park...i opened the car door and he put his hand in between my legs...he felt my pussy which was soaking, i was just so excited! "Keep me informed" he said, and have fun...he had the address and phone number just in case...

...to be continued