Written by milnbill

16 Nov 2009

As I drove away from hubby's works carpark, I could hardly concentrate on my driving...my pussy was dripping, the anticipation of meeting L was overwhelming....I couldn't wait. My sat nav was on and 1/2 hr later I arrived at his appartment. I was slightly nervous about meeting him...we had made a condition...if for any reason either one of us did not want to continue with the meet then be honest and move on. I phoned L to let him know I had arrived. He came down to meet me...I liked him straight away...we said hello and kissed. He stood back looked at me and just said "Wow"...your pics don't do you justice...i felt completely at ease with him. He was slim, 6ft and had amazing eyes, and hadn't lied about his age! He led the way into his apartment..I phoned hubby to let him know all was good. L took me into the lounge and asked if I would like a drink. I said yes...water would be fine! He eventually came and sat with me on the sofa...we both moved towards each other and started kissing...slowly at first then harder and more passionately....his hand moved onto my leg, then slowly moved under my dress...his fingers found my pussy...i gasped with pleasure..."OMG" you are so wet!" he said. He moved in front of me...got on his knees, lifted my dress, opened my legs and buried his head inbetween my thighs. I could feel his hot breath and tongue giving my pussy a good licking. I was now in heaven and squirming all over the place. L then lifted his head, pulled me off the sofa then picked me up and carried me into the bedroom. He laid me on the double bed...I sat up at the end of the bed..he was standing in front of me. My hands moved onto his jeans...i undid his buttons, and slid his jeans off his hips..he slipped them off onto the floor. I could see how hard he was and my hand cupped his cock and balls through his boxers and i gave him some firm but gentle rubbing. The boxers came off...I thought to myself mmmmm nice cock. It was time to put my bj skills to the test...my lips apart i took L's hard cock in my mouth, licking sucking kissing...sucking softly then firmer, stopping every now and then to let my tongue flick and lick his helmet...from the noises L was making i could tell i was giving a good job. Without much warning L suddenly came, his warm cum dripping through my fingers...once he had finished he looked me straight in the eyes..."that was amazing he said...no-one has ever made me cum giving me a bj before...i can't believe it!"

....to be continued....