Written by Paul J

18 Jan 2019

After spending most of my adult being curious about my sexuality, i always knew i loved women and until recently it had only really been a fantasy about having sex with another man. But that all changed this afternoon, I went for a quick pint from work at lunchtime and got chatting to a chap called Joe at the bar, just pleasantries basically but nice to pass the time away. One pint turned to two then three and drinking more than a pint at lunchtime doesn't agree with me, i tend to get drunk really quickly. I said you'll have to excuse me but i need a wee and get off home before i get myself in trouble, i didn't think anything of it when he said yeah i need to go and get off too ill join you so i put on my jacket and headed for the toilet. Well he followed me into the toilet and stood next to me and continued chatting while we stood there and out of the corner of my eye i could see he was sporting a semi and was having a discrete little tug on himself, i then had a proper look and he didn't even flinch, he just stepped back a bit so i could get a better look. For all the times ive wondered what it would be like , this was way more of an rush than i ever thought it would be, don't know why i asked but i said can i and before he answered i just reached out and touched his cock. I was in a bit of a daze standing in a pub toilet with my cock out which was now raging and running my fingers up and down a complete strangers erection. Oh how i wanted this to go further but after a little bit of fumbling with each decided it was too risky in there, he offered that we go back to the hotel he was staying just around the corner, we straightened ourselves out and left not really saying much all the way back which was only five minutes away walk. We walked straight through reception and up to the first floor and before he'd even opened the door he was undoing his trousers,then by the time id turned from closing the door behind me his trousers and shorts were already around his ankles and his cock standing bolt upright. Joe sat down on the bed and stepped out of his trousers and unbuttoned his shirt, i started to get undressed as i watched him stroking his cock, before i knew it i was in a hotel room naked with another man. I moved slowly towards the bed feeling a bit nervous now, i tried explaining that i've never done this before and i've only really toyed with the idea in my head, he just replied that neither had he but had always fancied giving it a go with someone like minded, which seemed to relax me, you wouldn't have thought i was nervous by the hard on i had. As i stepped up next to the bed Joe reached out and lightly ran his fingers over the tip of my cock and ran one finger under my foreskin and which made me gasp and shudder, and when he took hold of my cock and started to wank me, with just enough friction that his fingers slid up and down and didn't pull my foreskin back i was in heaven. I couldn't take that for long so laid on the bed next to him, i was trying to calm down a bit and not cum too quickly, there was no kissing just trying to find our way i think and then without warning Joe sat up and manoeuvred himself so that his cock was only inches from my face, Id never seen a cock up that close before and to be quite honest it was quite a sight, not particular big but dare i say it quite attractive, straight veiny and his helmet just poking out from his tight foreskin which was soaked. I moved myself forward as Joe pulled his foreskin back and fed himself into my mouth,slowly i closed my lips around his shaft and tasted someone else's precum for the first time, it actually felt and tasted better than i ever imagined. After a couple of minutes id got the hang of this and took over the wanking which left Joe to lean over and wank me, before i knew it Joe had moved around a bit and we were now in a 69 position and i was just about to have my cock sucked by another man for the first time but as soon as i felt his breath on me i came, i managed to shoot my whole load in his face. i was so embarrassed that i didn't even get my cock in his mouth without coming. I tried to mumble an apology which was difficult with a mouth full of cock so I thought the best remedy would be to make him cum quickly and sure enough within about 30 seconds of me coming he came in my mouth, not sure what he must have thought of me at the time as i gagged and let his come drip out of my mouth, I couldn't swallow and id come too bloody quick. Joe got off the bed and went into the bathroom and came back in with some tissues, passing some to me and wiping his face with the rest, he laid back down on the bed and i tried to apologise, he just shrugged it off and said we can try again if you'd like. Unusual for me but i still had a hard on and so did Joe and as we laid there talking we started to touch each other up and it wasn't long before we were wanking each other again only this time rubbing our cocks up against each others, rubbing what ever come was left into each other. Joe took the lead again and sat up between my legs, i thought i was going to get fucked which scarred the life out of me, he wasn't massive i thought but that is still going to hurt, but instead he half sort of laid on top of me grinding our cocks together then sitting back a bit and holding them tightly together wanking them in unison, after a little while of this he would lean further down and lick the exposed tip of my cock a couple of times before going back to wanking us together. After a few times of this i was a wreck i was moaning and shuddering and came again this time up my stomach which set Joe off and his cum flowed all over my cock which he continued to rub into both our cocks. Joe lent forward and half laid on me and said thank you that was lovely, strange that we still sat there talking for probably another hour after that still naked just touching each other. I noticed how long we'd been chatting and realised i needed to get home before my wife got in otherwise id have some explaining to do. Joe is down for the whole weekend for a wedding so were meeting up for a beer again tomorrow.