Written by Skyeman

10 Aug 2017

Like a few of the contributers on this site, we are now in our late 50s, and until a few years ago, had a fairly conventional but active sex life. Apart from one occasion whilst on holiday in Cyprus when Lynda tossed of a couple of guys who had seen us having sex on a secluded beach, neither of us had another partner.

A few years ago, i had a medical condition where the medication affected my ability to maintain a decent erection. Over a period of time, this became increasingly frustrating for myself and Lynda, so i suggested she might wish to look out for someone who could satisfy her needs. Around this time, as part of my recuperation, i started swimming lessons and became friendly with Bill. In the showers, i couldn't help but notice the size of his cock and balls. They were huge, and i mentioned to him that he must have been at the front of theQueue when they were handed out. In it's flacid state, it was longer and thicker than mine when it was fully erect. (we found pout later, that it was just short of 10 inches in length and 7.5 inches girth). i mentioned what i had seen to lynda, andfrom then on she joinedus for a swim and sauna after lessons. Whilst messing around, she "accidentally" brushed against his cock with her bum, and could feel the size of it. In the changing room afterwards i could se that he was semi-erect, and when i mentioned it, he said he always got hard when he saw Lynda in her bikini.

Bill was single at the time, so one nice weekend we invited hom over for a BBQ and a few drinks. As the evening wore on, everyone became more relaxed and we all ended up naked after playing strip poker. Lynda couldn't take her eyes of Bill's cock that was now fully erect and pointing up past his navel. I got lynda to sit on his knee whilst i took a few photo's. The last snap had Lynda rubbing his cock whilst Bill had one hand on her big tits and the other rubbing her now engorged clit. Lynda raised herself slightly and moved so that Bill's cock was nudging the entrance to her love tunnel. Slowly, she moved down on it and took it all in. It was an amazing site watching this huge cock slipping into my wife's fanny. Once the juices started to flow, they moved to the fllor in the missionary position and Bill eneterd her again and soon built up a good motion. His big balls ere really slapping against her arse, and before long Lnda had her first of many orgasms on this big cock. This in turn set Bill off and soon he was jerking a massive load of spunk deep into her fanny. I have never known anyone to produce so much juice, he just seemed to go on forever jerking into her. After a while when they had both recovered, they moved to the bedroom, where over the course of the night, they had it off twice more. Since that night, Bill is a regular visitor, and see's to all Lynda's needs. He has introduced her to sex outdoors, and this has led to them being "watched" on a few occasions. Lynda won't have sex with them, but encourages them to come close enough for her to wank them off whilst Bill is shafting her.

It has been a fantastic few years, and i am now sufficiently recovered to be able to join them. We may be getting older, but the sex has never been better.