Written by always wet juile

18 Feb 2007

hello its julie again i posted a story on here not so long back telling you all about a guy that i had been chatting to well he was supose to meet me this friday but he havent left leeds he was running abit late so when he called me i was round at a mates house he said his mate will meet me instead i have spoken to his mate once on the phone anyway his mate called me and we met up hes also a lorry driver as well change names ok call him paul anyway i jumped into his lorry and we drove awhile looking for somewhere to park up we went to this old bit of a road away from the main road soon we started to kiss his hands was all over me feeling my tits under my jumper saying what nice nipples i had couldt wait to get his cock out and he took off his pants and sat there telling me to suck him i got his cock in my mouth and sucked on him he was so hard licked under his balls and and around the tip of his hard stiff cock he was moaning saying take it bitch now name calling really gets me hot and more wetter really does turn me on then he stopped me and told me to taske off my thong which i did and he got right in between my legs i still had my stockings and hight heels on nothing else wher ehe licjked and tongued my wet hole i was cumming loads i felt his finger push deeper into my pussy as i was screaming for him to get his tongue right up oh it was heaven i loved it then he said open them legs wild and then he rubbed the tip of his cock along my pussy before pushing it in slow at 1st in and out teasing my hole then he rammed it in and really fucked me so hard and deep telling me to cum i had put my fingers down there feeling his hard cock as he rammed in it harder and harder then let out this huge moan as he was filling my hole and pulling on my nipples making them so sore and red hard as rock after he pulled out of me and then rubbed his spunked up cock over my nipples as i rubbed it in and licking the spunk off my fingers it was such a hornie sight and to the guy who said that was the worse story ever read well huni you didt have to read it and its not a story lets read all about you then cant wait for that ! julie