Written by Mellow Man

21 May 2007

After a number of weeks and god knows how many nights wanking myself stupid I could not wait until my next meeting with Val and Tony the couple that I had met at the Garden Center. So I decided to pop round to say hellow, Val came to the door and greated me with a knowing smile and asked me in she said her and Tony had realy enjoyed our afternoon together in the hottub and were hoping to see me again soon but had not plucked up the courage to knock on my door. Tony was at work so me and Val were just chating when we got on the subject of what had been keeping me up all night wanking the site of her ejaculating all over my face that wonderful afternoon. With that her face went flushed and I could see her looking at the know fully erect bulge in my trousers. She leant forward and pulled my cock from my loose tracksuit trousers and began to wank my cock real slow taking nearly 5 seconds on each stroke the feeling was like one I have never had before, I moved my hand in between Val's legs and placed my hand on her knickers which were soaking wet I pulled them to one side and began to finger her very wet pussy. Then Val pushed me back on the sofa and pulled my trousers round my ankles she said she wanted to see me come but was still wanking my cock at a very slow but incredible pace after a few more minutes I could feel my body starting to tence up I could feel my self close to cumming. All of a sudden my cock started to spray very fine jets of what looked like piss but it was pre-cum I was now in complete state of arousal after the jets of pre-cum came wad after wad of thick white spunk the first jet flew into the air and landed on my chest Val watched as the spunk poured from my cock now I want you to make me cum she said. With that she took of her to and skirt and pulled her soaked knickers to one side and began to rub her clit. I burried my face in her pussy it was soaked and the smell was incredible. She was bucking and squirming just like before but this time I knew what was coming I could not wait. With all the comotion I did not notice Tony had arrived home from work he must have been watching for a while as he was stood in the doorway to their lounge with his overalls round his knees wanking his semi hard hard un-cut cock. Go on he said make her cum again all over your face I did not come up for air and with a loaud groan Val started to cum all over my face but this time there was much more I had never seen anything like it It was such a turn on and by now my cock was hard again and ready for action. Tony came over and thrust his cock in Val's mouth she sucked him hard pushing back his foreskin with her mouth. Go on fuck her said Tony so I moved myself to fuck Val from behind as he fucked her face. I fucked her with all I had and she said dont stop but I was cumming so I pulled out my cock and shot another load of my spunk up her back and on her arse. Tony then said he was going to cum and sot his spunk all over Vals face and tits what a site she was covered in spunk. We all sat back on the sofa totaly exausted we chated for a while and decided to make this a regular thing Val and Tony said they would like to try some watersports next time I nearly had to run home for another wank I couldnt wait.......