Written by Paulrcouple

6 Sep 2014

We met a guy off here about a month ago said he was new to the seen and wanted a 3some with an older couple said he was bi curious and want to try that side nothing heavy just oral and wanking.

We arranged to meet Monday afternoon in a pub not far from were we live for a drink and a chat and take it from there. It was a hot sunny afternoon we got to the pub first got a call saying he was just up the road we said was sat in the beer garden under a tree.

Saw him drive into the car park go into the pub got a drink and came right to us hi Jane and Paul yes i am Jay sat down started chatting could tell with Jane's face and body language she was up for it if he was.

Went to the bar for drinks left them talking got back Jane said Jay would like to come back with us had

our drinks gave Jay our postcode and we went told him to give us a couple of minutes before he followed.

Had a good couple of hours of fun Jay went said he would keep in touch.

Jay was 28 good looking and vvvwe yes he was one of the big boys.

Did not hear a thing from him for a week got a text asked was it alright to talk if so ring back Jane was out so i rang him he said he enjoyed the afternoon and does not mean to be rude would like to meet Jane on his own said he had tried the bi side and it was not for him but would love an afternoon with Jane.

Jane got home told her she said no she has played twice with out me years ago with two guys we had had fun with i was in hospital both times she says she does not feel safe without me being there.

It took me two weeks of nagging her to meet him before she said yes told her 28 years old good looking and vvvwe too good to let him get away Jane said ok but its will just be a one off not a regular thing gave Jay a ring told him Jane was up for it but on one condition we cam the action we had done a bit of videoing when we had fun with him he agreed put Jane on to talk.

Said he could make Thursday afternoon Jane said ok see you then about 3pm.

Thursday came Jane asked me what should she wear stockings or hold ups told her stockings suspenders black skirt white blouse you will look like a sexy secretary.

She got ready she looked stunning not to much make up on i went and pulled all the blinds in the house in the conservatory and the bedroom Jay rang said he would be here in 20 minutes told him i was on my way out enjoy your afternoon.Kissed Jane goodbye she said she felt like a school on her first date told her to lock the door when he got here and dont answer it and ring me when he as gone.

Drove to the pub so if anyone called at the house saw the car gone would think we were out had a pint and got a taxi into town. Got a call it was Jay telling me how sexy Jane was and they were in the conservatory and Jane was sucking his cock do i want a photo sending i said yes.

The next thing i was in a cubicle in a pub toilet wanking looking at this photo on my phone of Jane sucking this big cock could not believe i cum so quick and wanked myself off in a pub toilet.

Got a call just past 7 it was Jay saying thank you just going it was the best afternoon he has had put Jane on she said i love you Paul for this come home.

Got home Jane was sat in the conservatory in her silk dressing gown the house smelt of sex Jane smelt of it she looked radiant.

Sorry lads you who think their wives are having an affair and not sure you must be blind i would have known right away Jane had had a good fucking.

Jane told me it was great so horny with out me there she could not explain it put the video Jay is stood in the bedroom Jane goes over to him they kiss start to undress each other they have nothing on only Jane in her stockings and suspender she gets on her knees and starts to suck Jays cock it looked bigger than the first time i saw it she struggles to get the end in her mouth then she is licking up and down the full lenght he his playing with her nipples. Jane stands up the kiss his fingers have found their way in her pussy. Tongues in each others mouth which is a huge turn on for me.

He turns her round so Jane is facing the cam bends her over she has her hands on the bed he starts to push his cock in her Jane wiggles her bum to help him. Hes got both hand on her bum starts to fuck her she is looking right at the cam her mouth open her eyes wide and moaning she seems to look me in the eyes says this is good can feel it all.

Jane falls forwards on to the bed they roll out of view of the cam can not see but can hear them fucking and talking thats so horny just listening to them both saying how good it is.

The moans get louder still can not see the big gasps for breath and quiet the next thing Jane stands in front of the cam opens her pussy and cum starts to run out she got the cam on Jay on the bed she got next to him started chatting Jay opened up a bit to Jane saying there was not much sex at home his wife as let herself go after having the children says he wants sex but not an affair he loves his wife but needs sex.

They start kissing Jay has got a hard on again but he never seemed to lose it he goes down on Jane.

Thats as much i have watched me and Jane went to bed her pussy was red hot swollen and puffy did not last long.

We got chatting told her to be honest like we are to each other would you meet him again on your own she looked a little sheepish said yes it was very good told me it felt as if they had none each other for a long time she said she felt safe not like when i have left her on her own in our bedroom with someone for a few minutes she could never let herself go till i came back.

Going to watch some more of the video the next time Jane goes out might tell you about it if enough are interested