Written by Jay

4 Feb 2007

My husband Ted suggested I write this and send to you for your readers. It happened back in October but still makes us very horny when we talk about it. Like hubby I’m in my late fifties but I must have led a very sheltered life because I didn’t know what dogging was until I’d read an article on it in a glossy magazine, I couldn’t believe couples went to these public places to have sex and be watched, or the wives open windows to suck off perfect strangers, or be fucked by them. Ted knew all about it of course and went to our computer and found a dogging website and showed me a list of dogging places and I noticed three of them were close to where we lived. “So, are you going to take me to one then, improve my education about these things then?” I own up to feeling very excited about watching but also about the chance that sitting in our car some guy would assume I was there for sex, tap on the window wanting to be sucked off. What would I do? Would I yell at Ted to ‘get the hell out of here’ or have the courage to wind the window down and suck the guy off? I asked Ted but he was no use of course, just got very excited about wanting to watch me suck off a perfect stranger through the car window. So, after dinner, a few nights later we went. As a comely size 14, I wondered what I should wear for my introduction to dogging. Hubby suggested a short skirt, stockings and high heels. I reminded him that we were going to watch not take part, so I opted for an ordinary length loose summery skirt but agreed to put on lace-top stockings, some high heels, white lacy bra and thong underneath it all. The site was down a long dirt track which led to a large opening surrounded by trees. We immediately saw two parked cars with a crowd around both, with two more cars a few yards further away. We parked alongside these two, got out and walked over to join the crowd. In one car a young couple were shagging, all the guys standing watching were young, wanking like mad, and at the other car an older woman was being shagged on the back seat by one guy doggie style while sucking off another guy, the guys outside watching all tossing themselves off. Then the door opened and the guy doing the doggie style got out, another fella immediately jumped in, closed the door and started to fuck the woman, it couldn’t have taken more than ten seconds but the new guy was in, his cock inside her pussy, banging away. It was then that I felt this hand slide round to hold my stomach, then a cock that felt like 12 inches long, erect and fat, pressed against my bottom, the guy moving as if he was already fucking me. I looked round, totally amazed at the fella’s nerve, ready to tell him to get lost when his hand slipped a few inches and his fingers started to work my fanny through my skirt and thong. He must have found my spot because I immediately felt very horny, closed my eyes, my head back, my body moving with his and as I did he lifted my skirt, pulled my thong down a few inches and pushed his cock until it stopped at my pussy, “do you want that?” he asked. It felt mega, I felt very horny at the thought of this cock shagging me, I wasn’t thinking straight and said “yes”. My car then he replied. We got in the back, he was about 20, fit, not bad looking, he locked the doors and all I could see was his big cock, a good ten inches, staring at me, “you want me to suck?” I asked stupidly, “is the Pope a Catholic?” he joked. So I took it in my mouth, tasted dirty, adding to my arousal, I was very nervous so made a fist of it to start with, but got used to it, started to lick it, kiss it, taking his pre-cum, enjoying the taste, relaxing, taking more of it in my mouth and back of my throat, then he told me to move round so my arse faced him, he opened my blouse and pulled my tits from my bra fingering my nipples, then I felt him lift my skirt, pull my thong down then begin to lick my pussy, his fingers going in and out, by now there was a big crowd round the car, fingers knocking on the windows, guys wanting to join in, “what do you think, shall we ask one of them in?” I felt a little frightened at the thought of two strangers at me so told him we should give it another few minutes. OK, he said, time to stop sucking, time to start fucking, took his cock from my mouth, brought his body up, I felt the tip of his cock at my pussy, his hands on my hips pushing me down onto his length. It must have been twice the size of Ted’s tool and I gasped as it went in, my pussy taking his full length, no probs, my first new cock in about ten years and I went straight into moving up and down on the the guy’s 10 inches and it wasn’t long before I heard myself saying “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” over and over again, then I heard him say “time to open the door”, and with that it swung open and in front of me was a long fully erect cock. Without any hesitation I took it in my mouth, one hand holding it, stroking it, another hand squeezing the guy’s balls. I don’t know how long it was, probably about three or four minutes, before he started to fuck my mouth, his cock going down my throat and then out, then he lost control, shot his load, an incredible amount of cum filling my mouth, going down my throat. Genuinely I enjoyed it and made some noises of appreciation before he pulled out and disappeared. Straight away another cock was in my face, now I felt like a real slut and took it in my mouth without any second thoughts but by this time the guy in my pussy was close to shooting and, low and behold, a few minutes later he went rigid, I felt his cock shake as it shot four or five spurts of cum deep inside me. I pulled the other guy’s cock from my mouth and he moved off while the guy in my pussy eased his cock away and I pulled my thong up to soak up his cum. I slid out the car and there was Ted, a big smile across his face, “happy?” I asked, another stupid question. Needless to say we visited the site again, about half a dozen times, before we got bored with it. I suppose I got fucked about 15 times, as I got more confident I always had two in a car, one to fuck me and one for me to suck off, some blokes were new but most were regulars who all said as a ‘grannie’ I was a great shag.