Written by jock_2009_

28 Oct 2013

I live in a small rural town and am a married man of 60. Liasons in a small place are tricky to say the least. I had fallen into a regular meet at my local pub where a couple of women I already knew came in for a drink once a week. We used to have a laugh and joke and a couple of games of pool and just generally enjoying a couple of hours before they went back up the road to there respectives as they were both married. Our chats got a little racier and the one women stared to chat about panties and I said I had always had a thing about panties and actually had thought it would be a bit of a turn on to wear. I was already doing this but did,nt tell her.

We started to exchange messages on facebook once again started in a fun way and then moved on to slightly more explicit chats. Suffice to say I laid a challenge down for her to put a pair of her panties in a bag and leave them at a spot where I would tell her to. On having done that I would arrive some time later and pick them up, take them home put them on and take picture which I would send to her.

I did this and ended up in posession of a lovely pair of white lacy panties that I could,nt wait to get on, I bloody loved them!! I took pic and sent it to her. It really turned her on and she sent pic of her playing with herself in her workplace toilet.

It was the day of our usual meet so I turned up at the pub with her panties still on. When I told her this it changed the evening completely we sat outside while they had a smoke( I dont but just joined them out there)next thing I feel a hand going up the leg of my shorts and not stopping till her fingers were wrapped round my cock which as you can imagine sprang to attention. Her friend was there all the time so nothing was said.

They left the pub at there normal time and I drifted off home. Before I got there my mobile went it was my friend she had told her husband she was going home as she had a headache and said that she had to see me! I said was tricky as was nearly home, she said meet me at cemetery gates which is some way between both our houses it was about 10.30 now. I duly met her at the gate and she practically dragged me into the cemetery and behind some yew trees before I knew it my cock was out and my trousers yanked down! I could hardly believe it she wasted no time in tugging her jeans and pants down and was soon turned round and offering me her lovely white arse and pussy. she bent over and grabbed both her ankles, quite supple for a 47 year old and I grabbed her and took her from behind with some force which she encouraged me to do!!! It was fucking lovely, I truly thought those days were gone for me! but has opened up a whole new chapter of exciting meetings. The noises coming out of the cemetery would I think have put anyone off from coming in.Happy Days