Written by Lincoln Couple

11 Aug 2008

Just came back from a holiday in Skiathos. Many a night getting drunk in a little Taverna. My wife (36) has always had a fantasy about going with a black guy, a fantasy I was happy for her to have. Imagine the looks we gave each other when we went down to the bar in our accommodation to find a young English black guy serving drinks.

That first night in bed I was pulling her leg about how she should shag him. I think neither of us thought it might actually happen. Despite my wife saying it was just a fantasy (she\'s never messed around) I noticed that she was chatting to him more and more and wearing more revealing skirts and tops. By the 2nd last night I was sure she was up for it. Making sure she was happy (and drunk!) I suddenly told her I was off to bed at 2 in the morning. At that time there was only one other couple and the barman in the bar. She gave me a look that said \'are you sure?\' I just smiled and told her to stay in touch. I went to our room, drunk but heart thumping in excitement at what my wife might be up to. About an hour later I got a text from her saying \'been invited back to his room. You ok with that\' I texted back saying of course and to enjoy herself. That was the last thing I heard from her until she quietly came into the room at 7 in the morning.

She was suprised I was still awake and she was going to sneak into the bathroom. I pulled her towards the bed but she said she wanted to get a shower. I just looked at her and asked her if she\'d had sex, she said \'what do think\'. Despite her half hearted protests I pulled her closer and put a hand between her legs, she was soaking, no knickers on, and obviously still full of cum. I pulled her onto the bed and pushed my hard cock into her. Turning her over and taking her from behind she started to tell me about her evening. Feeling my balls being drenched from the mixture of cum and pussy juice I couldn\'t help myself holding the base of my cock with my hand until it was soaked and then bringing my hand to my mouth and tasting that mixture of juices fresh from my wife\'s pussy. For the last 4 hours she had been fucking him in a room just below me.

She\'d started by sitting on the edge of the bed when he\'d just dropped his shorts, she said it just seemed right to take him in her mouth. Holding her head he\'d fucked her mouth until he\'d fill her mouth with cum. Hearing this just made me want to kiss her more. within minutes he\'d stripped her and was hard again and had started a long night of fucking, at one point, by accident she thought, even pushing the tip of his cock into her arse (that just made me harder). He came another twice in her pussy, the 2nd time just minutes before she returned to our room.

She was totally wiped out but she had the this really satisfied look in her eyes and got more and more turned on the more she told me what had gone on. We fell asleep and woke up laying together at 11 in the morning. There was just one lsat suprise, in the morning light I could see cum in her hair, face and chest. It was only then she remembered that he\'d actually cum 4 times, once in her mouth, twice in her pussy and once over her tits, face and hair.

She repeated it (and some!) on the last night and we have\'t stopped fucking since! If you\'ve got a wife out there who\'s thinking about it, tell her to go for it. Those 2 sessions are going to keep us fucking for years! God she looked, felf and tasted good.