Written by His gorgeous addiction

4 Jul 2017

It all started when i was young he was friends with my sister's older boyfriend, and he would come round of a weekend to chill out and I just fell in love with him, we would be sat on opposite sofas and every now and then our eyes would catch one and others and I would always give him a shy smile and he would do the same and wink at Me, anyway one night he was complaining about back ache so I said I could always give u a back rub which I did so I was sat behind him with my legs wrapped around his soft waist, with my hands caressing his smooth back,

He would then give off a relaxed moan which to be honest turned me on, he was rubbing my ankle which is just a big turn on for me, I would start to push my pussy against his back and he noticed straight away and would press his back against me till he could feel my heavy breathing on his neck, then with his left hand he rubbed it up my left leg till he reached my pussy all I could hear was his breath getting heavy as he felt my pussy getting really wet thro my pj bottoms, we was thn left alone for couple minutes which I then put my hand down his trousers and was rubbing his cock till he cum all over my hand.

It was amazing. Another time was when I ended up at his house and one thing led to another, he caressed my lips with his and wow the way he touches me I just can't control myself, he deffo knows what he is doing with his fingers tounge and cock, 12 years on and still having an affair with him, he is the real love of my life.