5 May 2019

I’ve been chatting to a guy on here who shares my penchant for corporal punishment, and I’m writing this story on his behalf.

So here goes.

I’m Peter, and there are a number of long held fantasies that I need to live out very soon. And hopefully my new friend David will help me! He has a reputation for helping couples to have a really good time and he’s volunteered to help me .......... and my wife!

We’ve talked about how it might go ....... so let me describe the planned scenario for you.

I have always had a desire for a guy to shave me and this is the starting point. David has agreed to do it for me, and we’re hoping that this leads to more fun later.

We have agreed that David will visit our house and shave me whilst my wife, Ann, watches. Ann and I are very nervous as it’s the first time we’ve met, and she hasn’t even chatted to him. But she’s agreed to go along with my wishes and hopefully we will all have a good time.

I can’t believe how excited I am. Nervous as hell .. but incredibly excited at the same time.

It’s a relief to see that David is a normal kind of guy when he arrives. Smart and apparently personable too. There’s a little chatting, but very soon he says “Well we’d better get on with it.” So we get the equipment assembled in our living room. Scissors, bowl of warm water, shaving foam and razor.

David takes his jacket off and tells me to strip completely. Is this really necessary? Well hopefully it is as we might just have some fun between us at the end of it. Anyway I must do as I am told! He takes the scissors and holds my cock out if the way whilst he starts to trim my pubic hair.

Mmmmmm, he says. I hope this gets bigger! Now I’m not the largest, but perhaps this is just the start of his humiliation of me. Or does he really mean that I’m not very well endowed.

And Ann is just sat there watching closely. She’s dressed quite sexily without showing anything at all, and doesn’t know whether she will get involved at all as the evening progresses. Hopefully she will, but we are both prepared that she might not.

I realise that David is talking to me, telling me that he won’t be around to trim me all the time. And I should practice doing it for myself .......... or maybe my wife would agree to help when we get to the shaving!

Now my cock might not be the biggest, but it’s now as big as it ever gets. What with David handling it whilst he trims my hair and being naked in front of my wife and him. Better, he says. But I can see why you might need help occassionally? Help with what I ask. Anything you can think of he says!

Now for the foam. David rubs it all around my cock and balls. Much more than necessary I think ..... but I’m certainly not complaining- in fact I’m getting very excited by all the attention.

Then comes the razor. David lifts my cock and balls out of the way and starts to shave beneath my sack! I’m sure that I can trust him, and he continues shaving me.

Then he stops and says perhaps it’s time for your wife to practice too. I wasn’t sure whether she would do it ....... but she moves over towards me and lets David put the razor in her hand whilst he continues to hold my cock and balls out of the way. She’s very tentative and I’m not sure she’s making a very good job if it.

Before she has done much more David says let’s wash off the foam and check the bits you’ve done. They wash me together and gently dry my cock and pubic area. David runs his fingers around the bit she’s shaved and tuts. Feel it he says and both Ann and I do. It’s very bristly isn’t it he says. You will have to learn to do better. Perhaps a little discipline will help you to concentrate better. Both Ann and I know what he means as we have discussed our penchant for spanking.

So spank her he says. And I put my wife across my knee and start to spank her. Not like that he says - you can’t spank someone through their clothes. Take them off. So I remove my wife’s skirt and start spanking her again - yes through her panties but I’m sure I’m doing it hard enough.

Not like that David says. It’s like a little girl spanking her. Let me show you. And with that he pulls Ann off my knee and swiftly slips her panties down. Then he sits and pulls her over his knee and starts to spank her. But I’m not sure spanking is enough of a description. There’s a lovely sound of bare hand on bare buttock as he makes sure that he slaps her with a flat hand. Hard ...... and with a nice crisp noise as each blow lands on her bottom.

She’s beginning to make noises now. Not in pain .... although it must be hurting. But with pleasure. A low moaning sound!

Mmmm, he says. Is this exciting you? And with that he starts to slip his left hand between her legs as he continues to spank her with his right hand. Yes, he says. Wet! Maybe I’d better take my trousers off before you make a mess of them.

And with that he stands her up and immediately drops his trousers. No asking permission - just shucks them off. And that’s when Ann and I realise that he’s “commando” under his suit trousers.

And I also realise why he was making fun of my cock! He isn’t huge, but bigger than me in all ways....... and it looked ready for anything!

Then he puts her over his knee again and continues to spank her. Not quickly .... but he’s continuing to massage her clitoris with his left hand as he spanks her with his right! She’s moving her hips in time with his fondling and he’s pushing harder and harder as she responds. She’s moaning now and makes no effort to stop him as he turns her over on his knees and pushes his fingers inside her as he continues to rub her clit.

His fingers are moving in and out quick and hard now - banging her clit hard each time his fingers go deep inside her. Till she moans and starts to spasm as she suddenly climaxes with a shout!

And then she slumps down. Exhausted but well satisfied. For now.

This is just the first of my many desires ....... more to follow I hope!