Written by Tom

9 Jan 2015

Thanks for the great feedback, good to know you are enjoying my memory of the meet with the first time hotwife and her hubby. We'd met online, I was at their home and she and I had fucked in front of husband Mike in their living room and I'd been asked to stay. I am being sucked by the horny wife on their marital bed while he sits and wanks on the settee in their bedroom.

If you have read this far you will know she is fit and has a great bum, she is south american, 40 but passes for 25 easily. I pull her head up and we kiss, tongues exploring our mouths and our hands all over each other. Despite several hot fucks she's as horny as when we begun the night and laying on the guys bed, who is sat watching me with his wife, has given me a burst of energy despite unloading three times before.

My fingers entered her pussy which was wet from the previous sex and her need for my cock again. She held my cock and slowly wanked it as we kissed. I lifted myself up from my position under her and moved her so she was kneeling in front of me, her fantastic arse inches from my hard cock. I knelt in the position to fuck her doggy but I stopped, looked at hubby who was transfixed and wanking his thin 5 inches.

"Mike, I think its time for you to put my condom on again" I knew he would want me to wear one as he had slipped them on me the other times I'd fucked his wife that night.

He shot up over to us on the bed and unwrapped one, he was sweating, he was looking ready to burst with excitement but that look of jealousy id seen earlier for what I was doing with his wife was still in his eyes. This time he openly took his time putting it on me. He first rubbed my length saying "is it fully hard yet?" He could see it was, then he ran his hand up the full length and cupped my balls and gave a gentle squeeze.

"I'm ready mate, and so is she. She can't get enough of my cock, put the condom on me and get back on the settee" I'd been gentle with him earlier on not using any cuck talk but I was there for the night now and I would push him a bit harder I thought.

Fully wrapped I slid my large cock (its 8 1\2 ins) between her waiting cunt lips as she knelt waiting for me in the doggy position I'd placed her. Her head and shoulders dipped as the pleasure of receiving my cock inside her again overtook her. She looked back first at her hubby and smiled, she then looked at me over her shoulder and said " fuck me again pleeease"

I put my hands on her hips and thrust hard so my full length plunged deep into her. She shouted with pleasure, I thought shed cum again but she was holding on longer now, trying to get as much pleasure before she cums she told me later. Despite my horniness at the situation this was my fourth fuck so I was able to last for ages. She cum twice as I doggied her full speed. As she gave one of her huge orgasms the third time I pulled out and pressed my cock against her sweet arse hole having spat down onto it to get it moist. As I pressed in she spun around looking horrified and spitting at me "no bum!".

Realising that was a no go area I continued to roll her over on her back, lifted her legs over my shoulders and fucked her hard. Her look of horror at the thought of anal had gone and she was back in the land of horniness, passion and wild orgasm. I was like a pig in shit enjoying being this hotwifes and her Hubby's first new cock. We were both sweating as this fuck went on and on, her cumming over and over. I should explain when she cums,wow she cums big time. Her body literally shakes and she groans loudly with pleasure. The shaking sometimes is so hard that we have to stop as she recovers and the orgasm subsides. I've never had any woman who cums so wildly, bloody fantastic for the ego I can tell you.

Eventually with her astride me grinding my cock hard and rubbing her clit against me I feel my cum rising, I cum loudly which sets her off into a wild cum spasm. She collapses on me, our sweaty bodies wrapped together. We had totally ignored Mike for the 30-40 minutes but as we relaxed panting together we see him fully naked now, fat belly showing and wanking his tiny cock. His face showed both the pleasure he was experiencing but some pain as well. Without asking he dutifully got up and held my still hard cock and slowly, very slowly took off the condom. He bent down towards us and kissed his wife, he then bent further and kissed the end of my uncovered, cum dripping hard cock. "Thanks, that was great" he said walking out to the bathroom to throw it away.

Now I'm good but by now I was knackered. We lay on their bed, she in the middle, me to one side. Mike returned and said can I get in or is it the spare bed for me? "No" I said "get in I need some sleep, you going to have any action tonight?"

He got onto the bed next to her and pulled the duvet over us. He snuggled up to his wifes back as she faced me with her arms still around me. "Not tonight pleeease Mike, I'm sooo tired" she purred.

I smiled to myself as not only had she refused her hubby any pleasure (not even a wank) when she said it her hand was once again wrapping itself around my soft cock trying to wank it hard again. I said "I need some sleep too"

We all slowly drifted off though I think Mike probably took longer as id seen his cock was rock hard as he'd climbed into the bed.

Im getting closer to the end of my night with this amazing couple, if you want to hear the rest let me know.