Written by Tom

12 Jan 2015

I went to sleep, the first time hotwife wrapped around me with her arm over me and her husband laying the other side of her. It was a deep sleep as the sex action had been tiring to say the least. I had never fucked a woman who went so wild and uncontrolled when she came. Not in a scary way but so, so horny to have seen this 'fit as fuck' first time swinger wife orgasm like an earthquake.

I woke slowly as I felt fingers playing gently up my inner thigh and on to my balls They then held my soft cock and gently wanked it. Despite so many fucks earlier, the sleep had given my body time to still want more. My cock grew to its full 8 plus inches. I opened my eyes and saw the face of the south american hotty staring back at me with a look that said sex. She ran her fingers up my stomach and chest and held her finger to my lips for me to be quiet. She kissed me and her tongue explored deep into my mouth and she began to breath excitedly. My fingers moved silently to her wet cunt, it felt fantastic, still tight despite having been filled by me several times the evening before.

She pulled me over her body whispering in my ear "fuck me, be quiet, no wake Mike"

Fucking hell, their fantasy was for her to be fucked by a stranger with hubby watching, now she wants to fuck me behind his back. Or to be honest while he sleeps next to us.

Who was I to argue? I moved silently moving the bed cover off us but leaving him sound asleep under it. She pulled my cock against her pussy lips. "Condom?" I whispered, she said nothing but slipped me straight into her wet cunt bareback. She felt fabulous, tight, moist enough to slide my large cock easily but not sloppy. Her legs slipped around my legs pulling me into her harder.

We enjoyed a slow sensual fuck together without the knowledge of Mike. I hoped he wouldn't mind me fucking his horny wife, well to be honest I didn't give a fuck as she felt so good but I didn't want to piss him off. She was showing signs of her usual wild orgasm building but to try to keep noise to a minimum i took the duvet corner and shoved it in her mouth. I continued to fuck her slowly and easily. To be honest I was loving this soft sexual moment. Hard fucking is great but the excitement of fucking a wife without waking her husband is bloody horny.

As you would expect, as we got more excited it was hard to maintain the silence but we both did our best smiling to each other as we knew how naughty she was being. She was a great fuck. I felt her hands fondling my arse which added to my pleasure. Her hand then slid between my arse cheeks and down to my balls. She rolled them in her fingers expertly. Then I felt her hands on my face as she kissed me. But the fingers continued to play with my balls! I looked to my left and her husband was looking at me, it was his fingers playing with my balls. He smiled and nodded, I nodded back.

He took this as acceptance and sat up fondling my bum with one hand and manipulating my balls with the other. Now he was awake his wife and I fucked properly. I hammered my cock into her and she arched her back to get maximum pleasure. His fingers slid along my cock wanking me as I thrust into his wife's now soaking cunt.

I came hard and loud. "You bastard" I laughed at him "you made me cum before she has"

"That's a first" he said as we all laughed and fell together in a heap. He still held my cock and slid it out of her pussy. As we laughed his head went down and took my cum and wet pussy soaked cock in his mouth and sucked and licked me clean.

"Mike!" She said clearly shocked at what he was doing. His eyes looked at her, still he sucked me. "What are you doing? That is gay!"

"No" I said " that's normal when people swing" I thought this might get him off the hook if it turned her off any more meets. " in fact he should clean you as well" he thanked me as he took to the task of removing my cum from her cunt. As he licked her pussy and clit she had another wild thrashing orgasm. This time I was able to lay back and just watch how amazing a sight it was when she shook and screamed with pleasure. I noticed the time it was 5.30am.

There is a bit more if you are interested, I hadn't meant for the story to be so long but I've enjoyed reminding myself of my helping a virgin couple into having the wife fucked while hubby watched.