Written by beachboy1959

9 Apr 2014

Well unlike the saying tomorrow did come ,I was like a cat on a hot tin roof, waiting to pick my wife up from work so she could come home from work early and get ready for him to arrive.

She came down stairs looking deliciously gorgeous, in a see through blouse and black leggings red bra and knickers to match, my mind was working overtime, I was in a state of nervous excitement, she was the same, as she had already said she wanted to at least kiss him again, but not sure how this would play out being unsure about doing anything in front of me, this was her only reservation.

She downed 2 vodka shots!! We had a kiss, then sat nervously waiting, he said he would text when nearby, and to make sure it was still ok.

5 minutes after the arrival time I mention he’s late, maybe changed his mind, I pick up her phone just as his text to say he was here arrived, I went to let him in,we said hello, strange shaking the hand of a man knowing he has already touched your wife’s breasts possibly with this hand and may get to do it again!

As this meeting was arranged for just a coffee and chat, and for me to meet him, and anything else that might happen would entirely depend on how my wife felt.

My wife made him a drink and There was a definite sexual tension in the air as we sat chatting about nothing, with sometimes silence as nobody wanted to bring up the subject of why he was there and what might, might not happen, to set the scene which sounds daft now, he was sat on the couch, we were sat opposite him on separate chairs.

One of his profile pics is of him in a pair of white boxers, my wife particularly likes this, and has told him before, how much she likes it, and in they’re texting that day he told her he would have them on, and what colour were her panties ,she told him she was pleased he would be wearing them ,but he’d have to guess what colour hers were, so the conversation went up a notch, when he said I have the white boxers on, she said mine are red, as he could clearly see her bra through her blouse he said and it looks good from here.

We have a pic on our profile of her lying down in a short skirt, showing off her fantastic legs ,he commented on that, and I said how I try to encourage her to wear skirts more and show them off, he said that leggings are showing them off very well and they look great, things looked like they were progressing if only conversation wise, he took his cup out and as he passed, just gently put his hand on her shoulder in a reassuring it will be ok kind of way, I saw her shudder at just that small gesture.

I took my cup out and came back into the room, to find he had moved onto the floor in front of her and they were kissing, they didn’t even notice I was there, when they came up for air he asked if she was ok, she wasn’t sure so he moved back to the couch, I said don’t stop on my account, she looked at me and ok I am going to sit on the couch with him, I said go ahead ,they started kissing really going at it tongues on lips in each other’s mouths, his hand started wandering all over her body, stroking her legs and moving further up them all of the time, he tried to touch her between her legs, she isn’t ready to go that far yet and moved him away, so his hand went up to fondle her breasts, she was sighing as he did this ,and the kissing was getting more and more frantic, he kissed her neck down to the top of her breasts, his hand alternating between fondling her breast and rubbing her leg, he tried his luck between her legs again and again she moved him, he took her hand and put it on his cock, she rubbed it and now I could hear both of them sighing with pleasure, he was kissing her neck and undoing the buttons on her blouse until he could get his hand inside and feel her over her bra, I could see he was playing particular attention to her nipple, and her moans told me she was loving it, he got most of her buttons undone, pushed her bra strap down and pulled her breast out and started sucking, kissing and licking her erect nipple, at this point I noticed his hand was back between her legs no resistance this time, and his finger was working away on her clit, this only lasted seconds, unfortunately, as the position they were in didn’t allow for easy access.

He asked if she’d like to undo his belt and see his white boxer’s, she said yes and started to undo them with his help, when his belt was undone he pushed his trousers down a little, so she could just see his boxers ,then got her hand and put it inside, as she started to wank and rub him, he stopped what he was doing lay back eyes closed and started moaning in pleasure.

He went back to kissing and feeling her breast, he moved onto the floor in front of her between her legs, by this time her bra was pulled down off both breasts and he had his mouth clamped on one while grabbing squeezing and playing with the other, her face was red and a picture of extasy and I loved seeing her so turned on and enjoying what he was doing, after more breast sucking, and kissing she wanted to stop he stopped and she asked him to go, she told him he hadn’t done anything wrong ,she had gone as far as she felt comfortable with for the time being, not sure which of us was the most disappointed, me or him, or even her?

When he stopped and she told him it was as far as she wanted to go for now, they had a bit more of a snog before he left.

While they had being doing all this I had been watching as close as I could even moving to get a better view of the action, nothing so horny as seeing your wife in the throes of passion, and your just a bystander.

As soon as I had seen him out I joined her upstairs, where she was lay on the bed in just bra and pants ,I stripped off and we started kissing while talking about what just happened ,we were so turned on, I felt her breast saying I loved it when he did this to you and this I was now sucking, she said did you like it when I did this, grabbing my cock, oh fuck yes I said, it’s massive I’m never going to get that in me! She said.

I wanted to suck it she said, I thought you were going to why didn’t you? Next time I will, my cock got harder at the thought, is there going to be a next time then? oh yes I want more of the same she gasped, we kissed and caressed and talked about it all, then she pulled off her pants and said just fuck me, I need fucking now!!

I got on top of her and slipped into her very wet pussy, we fucked she said yes I want to suck him, do you want to shag him, oh god yes I want him to fuck me with his big cock, that sent me over the edge and I filled her with my juice.

He sent her this email later which I read over and over to her, as it turned me on again and she certainly liked his comments.

W.. your breasts are magnificent...loved holding them, teasing them, kissing them and sucking on your erect nipples...you are delicious...D

I know this is a bit long winded and takes a while to the action, which I know is tame for most anyway, but I felt I had to set the scene, if you have read my other posts you will know this started just before Christmas, then after a long 4 months within a week it’s gone from a meet for a coffee to a meet for a walk which involved snogging and more than just a grope on a bench,(see last post 7th April) to a meet at home, we are very new and inexperienced, and I think you could tell by the awkward silence between the 3 of us, then when the action started, me not knowing exactly where or what I should be doing.

So not much more happened than in my last post, but this time I got to see it in full Technicoulor 3D HD and widescreen!!!!!