Written by beachboy1959

15 May 2014

Well we have just had a spur of the moment meet with my wife’s FB (although they haven’t gone that far yet see previous Beachboy1959 posts) I had been in contact with him during the day by email arranging another meet, and as usual he had been sending sexy texts to my wife, and told her we were setting up a surprise for her, this really intrigued her as he gave her no details ,so when I picked her up from work which was 5ish she asked what we had discussed, on the way home she got another text from him saying he was free now for a short time if we were both at home, she said we would be home in half an hour and to come round, stressing that this would be to chat about where we were going with the situation and about other things, as he was experienced and could help guide us, as we are still very new to this.

Another reason for just chatting was she was out of order to both of us? She also put this in the text, I said he won’t want to just chat, he will want a snog and to get hold of your magnificent breasts!! Oh he can have a feel she said.

He came round and because of her out of order situation, and just chatting we sat outside, then realised the neighbours were also outside, and thought we can’t very well chat about threesomes and swingers clubs while the neighbours can hear, so we went inside, he sat in his usual place on the couch with us in separate chairs opposite, and continued our chat.

When we had asked him everything, he got up and knelt in front of her and started snogging her, it is quite horny seeing your wife having a good tongues everywhere snog.

She had on a summer top ( but not easy access!) showing off her nice pink bra and a short skirt showing off her gorgeous legs, he put his hand on her leg but she removed it reminding him that she was unavailable down there, undeterred he started to kiss her neck and down to her breasts, he was kneeling and I could he him sighing, she told me later it was because in that position she could feel his cock between her knees and he was thrusting himself and using her knees to get himself off, she made the decision to get up and move to the couch where he could get at her breasts more and she could ( and did) put her hand inside his pants and fondle his cock, which he obviously loved judging by the sounds he was making, although it wasn’t easy he is nothing if not industrious and managed to get her breast out and started sucking on her nipple she was now sighing as much as he was ,he started to undo his belt and buttons to get his trousers down, when he managed this, he got on his knees in front of her kissing her sucking her nipple and playing with her other breast before getting that one out and sucking on that too, his pants down and with his cock out she was wanking it gently and slowly, during all of this from the initial snogging to moving to the couch she had occasionally looked my way to give me a smile or blow me a kiss, which as well as being nice and loving was also a big step in her acknowledging my presence as in all other meets she tries her best ( eyes closed, not looking )to forget I am there, as she is not that comfortable with me watching, so this was real progress, and will lead hopefully someday to me actually joining in!!

After lots more kissing breast sucking, she got up and changed positions so he was sat and she was on her knees and started to suck his cock, now he was in ecstasy lying back eyes closed and just enjoying what she was doing, she was really enjoying it too, sliding her mouth up and down stopping at the top and while still in her mouth running her tongue around the top, something she does to me and is soooo good, and I could tell he was loving it as much as I do, she was wanking the shaft while sucking the top and moving her head up and down, it was great to watch, she took her mouth off and finished him off with her hand, he soon came and after spurting out onto himself the rest dribbled out over her hand.

While he cleaned himself up she kissed me putting her tongue in my mouth, which she later told me turned her on, the fact that she had just had her tongue and mouth over his cock and I let her put her tongue in my mouth.

So from an initial short meet just for a chat he went home after having a great blow job, she had been passionately kissed and had her fantastic breasts played with and sucked, me, well she made sure I wasn’t left out when he’d gone by giving me the same treatment as he had.

I know if we had stayed outside, none of this would have happened, so he has to thank the neighbours for coming home early and sitting outside, if only they knew!!

I know my stories might be a bit long winded before it gets to any action ( which are probably tame for most) but I feel I have to set out the facts as they happen and the way things get going.