Written by Ian

18 Aug 2011

Last summer I decided to go down the beach to top up my tan as I had been working hard all through the months of July and August. The main holiday crowd had gone and it is much quieter. I was wearing my swimming boxers and had a towel slung over my shoulder and I trudged across the hot sand to where I knew I wouldn't be disturbed.

I laid out my towel in this secluded area between to dunes and then went for a quick dip in the sea. The water was lovely and refreshing so I swam out some distance to float on my back just watching the sky. I was in a bit of a trance and as my ears were under water I could only hear the muffled sound of the surf crashing on the beach.

Suddenly I felt something grab my leg! I thrashed free and as I came up spluttering I was looking for what had grabbed me. "Good God" I thought as I saw the perpetrator treading water a foot or so from me. Her eyes were deep blue and her smile and laugh caught me by surprise! I thought it must be a mermaid!

"You gave me a fright" I stammered

"Sorry, didn't mean too! Please forgive me, but I tried calling to you but you didn't seem to hear me and I thought that something was wrong, you were on your back for so long!" she said. All the time her eyes were on me and her smile was enchanting.

"Its Ok!" I said " I nearly shit myself" I laughed! She giggled and started swimming back to the beach.

I was still shaking from the shock, but decided to swim back in with her and I quickly caught up with her as we approached the beach. The waves were quite big and sometimes it can be difficult to get out of the water with out being knocked over, so I told this beautiful girl I would go first and gig her a hand should she need it. She smiled and said thank you.

I waited for the right moment and swam with the next wave to the shore, it was a big one and I did partially loose my footing, however I maintained my dignity and stood up just as I saw a second wave crashed down on me and saw she had started her approach and the next wave brought us crashing together. It was another big one and it took all my strength to catch her and keep her upright, but to my horror the wave had pulled my swimming boxers down to my knees!

She had her hands on my shoulders and I pulled her out of the surf then trying to hoist my shorts up at the same time. As we cleared the surf she let go and started laughing as she saw my predicament. I quickly managed to drag them up, but my cock which is 6" when soft was dragged up and poked out of the waist band. I didn't notice but she did and pointed at it and squealed with laughter. I rearranged the old man laughing myself and started up the beach to get away from the surf.

It was then I looked carefully at her. She was very nice. Pretty face, blond hair, petite figure (5' 2") and with nice firm tits. She was wearing a black bikini and it certainly showed off her assets! A pronounced camel toe, mmm "I'm Ian, thanks for scaring the shit out of me" I smiled "Tania" she said, "thats gratitude for saving your life!" she pouted, "Thanks Tania, I owe you, can I buy you a drink to thank you" indicating to the beach bar about 100m away. "Ok then" she said.