Written by midlands_slut

11 Apr 2008

I am a petite 41 year old size 8 brunette with big brown eyes and a 34C bust size. I am married and work in a large retail store, but I have a little secret I want to let you into…

Although I might look like butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth I’m actually a cock loving slut who loves being picked up by good looking strangers in hotels and fucked by them. It all started about six months ago and now I am hooked and can't get enough.

I visit hotels in the East Midlands during the week when they are busy with lots of single guys away on business. My husband and I book a room and then I go and sit at the bar in a nice normal dress and heels while he watched from a short distance. Underneath my dress all I’m wearing is a sexy basque and stockings. I’m not wearing any knickers and my pussy is always shaved completely smooth in anticipation.

Its never long before some nice looking guy in a sexy suit comes and starts to chat me up. If I fancy him I have a special way of letting him know that I'm sopping wet and gagging to be fucked - I ask him if he can keep a secret (they always say yes!)and then hand him a little note while we are chatting. The note says 'I hope you are as naughty as I am because if so, I’d like you to take me back to my room, lick my lovely smooth cunt, fuck me hard and deep until I cum, and unload your spunk down my throat'.

So far no one has turned me down. My husband follows us up to the room and watches and sometimes videos the action. He doesn't join in as he fucks me afterwards instead.

I do this because I have always loved sex, and like many women I have fantasised about acting like a slut. I never dreamt I would be able to fulfil my fantasy until I mentioned it one night in bed with my husband during sex and he got really excited and said let's do it! Now I love the feel of different cocks inside me and the taste and feel of different cocks in my mouth and love being fucked whilst me husband is there watching me. We always have amazing sex together for hours afterwards.

I only ever do safe sex but I love the guys to cum in my mouth so I can swallow every drop of them as I love the taste and feel of spunk as it slides down my throat.

My record so far is 3 guys in one evening, each after the other, but my favourite time was when two young guys in their 20s chatted me up one evening and I took them both back to the room and they both took it in turns to fuck me most of the night.

So if you are ever in an East Midlands hotel during the week and you see a petite brunette in a sexy dress, black seamed nylons and high heels sat at the bar alone drinking a bacardi and coke, go over and say hi, you never know you might be fucking me 10 minutes later...