Written by TopOfTheMoaning

6 Jul 2013

We arrange to meet in the bar of a hotel. I'm dressed in a fitted black suit, white shrt and skinny black tie and I take my place at the bar and eagerly await you. I order a drink and at it arrives you breeze past me in a flowing white summer dress. It's short but classy and your strappy high heels set it off perfectly. I can't take my eyes off your tanned legs and long hair as you walk by and the barman is thinking the same. Your perfume fills the air as you confidently stride by and you sit at a table opposite me and cross your legs, showing me a little thigh. You give me a knowing wink and I ask ye barman to get whatever you ask for. We are the only two in the bar and as he prepares your drink you eye fuck me from across the room.

Your crossed legs means your dress is riding up your thigh and as he serves you your drink you give me a wink and take a sip. I stare you out until you finish our drink, my pulse racing watching you. As you finish you stand to leave but walk towards the bathroom. I'm eager for you to return and when you do you have a smile on your face and you walk towards the door to leave. You walk past me but just as I think you're about to leave without me getting a chance with you you turn on your heels and slip something into my suit pocket and whisper '5 minutes' to me. Once you've left I dip my hand in my pocket and I can feel the unmistakable feel of satin. I take your moist underwear from my pocket discreetly and your room number is written on them. My pulse goes into overdrive and my mind starts racing and I head towards the nearest lift.

The whole way up to your floor I can't help but inhale the sweet smell of your panties, my cock hardening at the thought of you taking them off for me. I reach your room and gently knock an you open and pull me in by my tie. You give me a deep wet kiss and wrap your hand around my neck. You allow me to back you against the door and you push me to my knees with your hand where you slide your dress up your thighs, throw one leg per my shoulder and force my face between your legs where I suck on your inner thigh before making my way towards your sweet, soaking, shaven lips. You arch your neck as I suck on your stunning lips and tug my hair as you get wetter and wetter.

And all that just for starters