Written by Andym27

16 Oct 2009

Well here goes for the last few weeks I\'ve been traveling round the UK on one of the company service runs. Servicing CCTV, intruder alarms and access control systems for a national client staying in a different premier travel inn every night. I got to one place and found out I should be at hotel in city center but parking for a van would be a nightmare and recommended staying here I agreed and while she sorted out transferring the booking I noticed that the camera looking at reception was completely out of focus I offered to sort it for her as a thanks for sorting the booking out.

after sorting the camera and having a shower I asked if she fancied a drink when she knocked of work she said I don\'t finish till 12 bar closed what time go quiet she said about 1020 after bar closes I said I will bring you a couple of vodka cokes after last orders She agreed so I went of to the bar to get a drink and some food. Last orders came so I got a couple of beers and a couple of vodka cokes and hung around as long as could and headed of to reception. when I arrived she opened the door to the back office and I went to enter just as I entered her manager came threw front door I was quickly span round and pulled off down corridor passing her saying cover for me Jill looking really pissed of as we walked passed me she took one of the beers saying this for me thanks I was lead like a dog to my room key card pulled out of my front left pocket she opened the door and dragged me shutting the door behind me I was lead to the bed our drinks taken from me then all I can say is I was taken she used me in every way she wanted for about 45min if I wasn\'t in her I was licking her she took a load deep in her womb then 2 down her thought when she finished with got up got dressed and said I will be back after 12 as she was leaving I said I don\'t even know your name she walked back towards me laughing she took my hand and said hi I\'m Kerry I pulled her towards me kissed her said hi ill see you soon defiantly she said as she headed for the door and left.

after about 10 min I got up took a little blue friend (never stay away from home without them) went for a shower when I thought I heard the door lock go called out Kerry is that you nothing so carried on with my shower a couple of minuets later I jumped out of my skin when Jill Kerry’s boss pull the shower curtain back and stood there naked then stepped in the shower bent down a proceeded to give me the best blow job I\'ve had in years just as I was about to cum she stopped got up saying I hope you don\'t mind I\'m horny as hell. why should I mind now get in that bed and get ready for a good fucking she left the bathroom and I followed seconds later to find he already lay on the bed with her fingers berried deep inside her cunt I stood and watched this horny sight for a minuet the when pulled her to the edge of the bed and started to like bite and suck her clit whilst slowly easing 3 then 4 fingers opening her up she was loving it and was having multiple orgasms I carried on till I could get her wide enough to slip my hole fist up as soon as I slipped my hand all the way in she screamed into one almighty orgasm and came so violently I pulled my hand as squirted heavenly all over me and the bed just then Kerry walked in said hope there\'s some for me she\'s going to be out of it for a while why what did you do gave her my fist and she loved it I can tell she said we helped Jill over to the chair so she could watch and relax as me and Kerry carried on were we left of she started by licking balls and cock I swung her round into a classic 69 were I licked and fingered her to the first of many more orgasms that night after about a hr Jill piped up can I have some cock Kerry I didn\'t get any before by the way thanks for that what did you do fisted you, you horny bitch now get over here on your hands knees she jumped and virtually ran over jumped on the bed and shoved her bum straight on to my cock I slipped straight in and she did all the work horny little bitch aren’t you she looked over her shoulder back at me with a cheeky grin and said we all are aren’t we hell yea now clean Kerry cunt while I fuck you silly we kept this up in deferent combinations for about 1hr 1/2 the best position was Kerry and Jill in a 69 Kerry on top and me slipping between Kerry’s cunt and jills mouth with my thumb up Kerry’s ars both girls orgaseming all over the place then shot my last load deep up Kerry stayed there deep whist Jill liked and sucked my balls and Kerry’s cunt milked every last drop of cum from my cock I fell back and let Jill and Kerry finish cleaning up each outers cunts we then cudgeled up and fell into a deep sleep I was woken some time in the morning with Jill sucking my back hard and mounting me and ridding me slow and deliberate till we both came in unison waking Kerry up looking up she said can I have some in a bit if you can get me hard I\'m all yours as I slipped out of Jill she rolled over kissed Kerry and went and had shower leaving Kerry playing with dick trying to get it hard as quickly as possible before I was even fully hard she mounted me and slipped on my cock and used her cunt muscles to get me harder and began to ride me after a while I rolled he on to her back put her legs over my shoulders and slowly grinded my cock right on her g spot sending her over the edge and squirting all over the place she said no more I can\'t tack it so rolled of her and she sucked me to completion and Jill walked in and shared the licking and sucking till I came in Kerry’s mouth and shared it with Jill.

Jill went finishing tiding up she came out looking all spick and span came over gave me a full on snog thanked me gave me her phone number and left to go on the front desk Kerry cuddled up for ten min then we both got dressed went for breakfast looking at each other all the time like to loved up teenagers then I had pack up and leave to go to work I\'ve spoke to Kerry and Jill and were due a repeat performance next month but this time at jills house ill right and tell you about