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How it began

"I was about to learn about sex games and fantasies"

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Author's Notes

"I will submit further episode as this story progresses."

I was in my early twenties, hasty marriage over , I was living the life of a Jack the lad in my own flat. A mile from where I grew up and my teenage haunts, and a mile closer to town where I went out to pubs, clubs, gigs etc. There were a few friends with benefits as they say, nothing serious.

I lived in a block and a couple of floors down lived a husband and wife Mel and Jane, I knew him to nod to at the local, and had worked in the same building as him a couple of years before. I knew her to nod to from the local pub where she was second in command to the landlady , worked the bar, cleaner bits of everything. He Mel was a bit straight laced, liked fishing and folk music, helped in the church, went away with the scouts. She Jane was a bit of-a hippy , happy go lucky, looked like Janice Joplin , who I found out later she adored.

The pub was my local growing up, old coaching house on a main road, first legal pint, still going in if not going uptown, strictly run by the landlady Kathrine everybody called her Kat, she inherited the pub and stables at the back when he husband Stan died about six months ago. Stan was the son of a local farming and business family, he brought Kat home and installed her in the run down Farmers Arms spending his inheritance , and was shunned by the family cause Kat had some kind of shady past and worse still came from Yorkshire. To the local Lancastrians.

But she’d made this run down pub into a complete success and turned the stables behind into another success with local kids stabling their ponies. She was the complete pub landlady, ran a great house, nobody cheeked her, she had respect, and as quite capable of dealing with trouble. Jane on the other hand was the other side of the pub , happy , smiley, hippy along with a couple of other staff a friendly local pub. Kat let Jane set her own hours around Mel’s shifts and child and it all seemed to be very normal and still rural.

One morning with a mate of mine we had the bonnet up on my Mini, . When Mel says “ hello  having trouble” , “and adjusts the timing on the car and cures the problem, then asks if we’d like a coffee. My mate says no and I say OK and we go to his flat, Jane makes the coffee and  , so we share a coffee

That’s how it started,  I would visit have a coffee, a smoke and get to know them. They were so different apart  , he was straight, god fearing and boring, where she was bohemian and funny.

Mel was a man of obsessions, everything he did had to be to the limit, he made his own fishing lures, then went out all day to use them, he was also a cameraman  photographer, used his bathroom as a darkroom, in my getting to know them she complained about these obsessions, kinda laughed them off but , a dissatisfied I couldn’t put my finger on attitude.

Then one day I go round , , she puts the kettle on And as we drink coffee she rolls her eyes as she mocks him sitting in the bathroom exposing his negatives, as he appears, says hi, and that he has to go out for a chemical or something, she sighs and off he goes. In an attempt to make light I ask “ does he never expose your negatives” she answers “yea would you like to see them” and leaves the room.

When she comes back she hands me some black and white photos, and stands there as I look at them, the first is her in a typical for the time topless photo, she’s was slight so little Pert titties, the next stood upright full frontal nude , with shaved pussy, and the last a wide open pussy shot. I was completely turned on by the situation, would you believe he was more interested in developing them than me after shooting them. Then she said , looking at my hard cock in my jeans, “ I see you like what you see”  “yes I said” as she put her hand on my cock and said “you’ve seen me, can I see you” then unzipped my jeans and released  the biggest hard on I’d ever had, then sucked the end , then said, he will be back soon, so put it away but if your really interested he’s on nights, so come back at nine tonight, with that she kissed the tip, and tucked it back in my pants. I couldn’t wait , I was back at nine that night, and was about to learn a lot more about sexuality.

Written by thackery

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