Written by Laurelei

30 Oct 2011

There’s this fantasy I’ve lived with since – since forever. Two guys, one after the other. One will watch and the other will fuck me, relentlessly. And when the first has hosed is junk and rolled from me, the other will take his place and continue what he’s begun. And when he’s empty too, and the mingled pearly sperm seeps from me, the first guy will be hard again. Repeat.

Ian is a good husband and I’ve gone through the motions of lesbian sex with my friend Sarah just for him, just to please him. Because that’s been his biggy -- watching two girls. Although it was ok it was not the turn on for me that it was for him, Sarah too. Thinking about two guys – stallions – is the only group sex thing that for me.

Ian was reluctant at first, wouldn’t even discuss it. But I kept on at him, said I’d done his fantasy and I deserved mine. And the more often I told him what I wanted, the more he warmed to the idea.

We found him on Swingers Heaven: Jake.

But it didn’t go how I’d thought. Yeah, okay to start: Jake fucked me hard . . . for ages, then Ian did his bit. I’m oozing jizz by then. Thing is -- Jake isn’t hard again. So, sort of spoilt the flow. I mean, don’t get me wrong. It was good. But it wasn’t my fantasy.

I decided that if it was ever going to happen how I wanted it to I would need two eighteen-year-old lads. Remember, guys, how fast you could get a stiffy when you were eighteen? When Ian was that age he’d fuck me, cum, and then five minute later he’d be ready to go again.

Do you realise how hard it is to find two eighteen-year-old lads who’ll oblige? Hard!

Of course, you get loads saying, yeah we’ll come round. But come the night, we’d watch tumbleweed roll.

You’d think they’d be queuing up to fuck a still gorgeous thirty-year-old like me, even if hubby would be watching. I was amazed how hard it was. See, I’m a babe, face still as pretty as a girl. Perhaps it’s because my tits are way too small. But these long legs should make up for any other perceived inadequacy; I have fine, baby soft long blonde hair. Ian says my wide, puffy lips are the best he’s ever kissed.

Yeah, you’d think it’d be dead easy. I won’t bore you with the failures, but eventually we found two guys on Swinger’s Heaven. They didn’t already know each other so it all took a bit of arranging.

We booked a room in a Travel Lodge, Southport -- the one down by the front. The lads arrived together, had met up for a drink before daring to find our room -- moral support in each other they hoped. Jack was tall, fairly muscular, lean. He wore his sandy hair shoulder length, tied in a ponytail; cute, sort of surfer-guy looking. Tom was shorter, about five-ten, but muscular, handsome, more the man, looked older than eighteen. I hoped he wasn’t and that he wouldn’t disappoint.

Ian answered the door and let them in. You could tell they were nervous; fidgety. When they saw me sitting on the bed, wearing my mini dress, my legs stretched out on the duvet in my seven denier, sheer to the waist black pantyhose. Well! They could hardly contain themselves. We had drinks, which helped. I remember how excited I was as I undressed for them. At first they sat there with open mouths, then hurried to get rid of their own clothes. I spread my legs and touched myself while I watched them both wriggle out of boxers.

Jack went first; so young, beautiful, his cock hard and glossy in the lamplight. I looked over at Ian and he was staring too. He returned my look and we both smiled. This was it! Later he told me the sight of Jack about to fuck me had nearly made him cum in his pants.

Jack kissed and petted me, just like a good boy should; fingered and licked me and got me all wet and ready for him. Then I took his cock and guided him into me. God! I’d forgot how energetic young men could be. Too fast, though: a minute was all he could manage. The excitement was too much for him. No worries, though. Tom was more then ready to step in. His fat cock squeezed in and sent Jack’s sloppy deposit oozing out.

Tom was totally different: steadier, I could tell he was pacing himself; didn’t want to look a fool. This guy was vain, wouldn’t want to let himself down. So it was steady as she goes. Which was ok, he was really getting me going, a strong, slow relentless fuck. I looked over to Ian who was sitting on the sofa next to Jack and could see that jack was still soft. Ian was hard though, had his cock out, and he turned to jack and placed his own palm on Jack’s flat belly, his fingers moving down. I couldn’t believe what he was doing. Later Tom told me the sight of this fresh young guy so close by him was too much; his body was smooth and covered in only a downy coat of white hair that caught the light and made his flesh almost girlish, soft and inviting. With his mouth Ian got Jack hard for me.

So I got what I wanted. It went on like this for two hours. When one had finished Ian would lap at his cock, cleaning the jizz and my fluids. Later all three of us treated Ian to an orgasm he will never forget, to say thanks for keeping it all going. Fingers, lips and mouths over every sensitive bit of him.