Written by Paulrcouple

29 Jul 2012

Itold you about young John April last year and how we got friendly with his mother and father that come into our pub well nothing has happened with them Jane pops round every now and then for a bit of fun with Ann

Jane as told her that we have sometimes done a bit of swinging on holiday but Ann as never said a word to Jane about her and Terry playing on holiday Jane could not tell her we have seen the video of them witch John her son had shown us so when they come in its just all normal chat Jane and Ann might have a quick touch in the toilet but Terry and i don't get involved she tells Jane Terry dose not no.

Johns got a girl friend now and we have had no fun with John for over a year he still comes in but not as much any way last Sunday night John came in and went into the beer garden it was late on his mother and father was away on holiday.

IT was a very warm night and the garden was full i did not think any thing about John being in the beer garden it was over a year since and young lads come and go Jane had not seen him come in

it had got late and every body was going i went out to collect glass and John was sat there there in the corner were there are plenty of bushes i went over and started talking to him i asked if he fancied a late drink he smiled and said yes the staff had got all the glasses in and were just talking at the bar i got two drinks found Jane and told her to lock up and come into the beer garden she did not no John was there

She told me she had got something for me later and smiled she said look who's here he gave us a ring asking if he could come round at the normal time she came round the corner and she was with Ian that young lad she had met taking the dog out on the canal .

To get into our beer garden you have got to come through the pub no body can see in from out side we have had some fun there on other warm summer nights.

Any way i went back to John got talking to him asked how his girl friend was he said they had fallen out

I said you will have to fuck Jane he said it would not be fair on Jane he had not been round for a long time Jane will be ok with it WELL A 21 YEAR OLD COCK SHE WONT SAY NO .

We got talking i was sat next to him i put my hand on his thigh he new what i wanted he stood up in front of me un did his zip and got his cock out i started sucking it then i could her voices John put his cock away then Jane shouted were are you i have got you a surprise.

Yes it was a surprise ok for us all i told Jane you better introduce them to each other i will go and get the drinks.

Both of them new what the other one was up too it did not take long to break the ice two young lads 21 19 who both have had sex with us

I went up behind Jane kissed her neck felt her boobs asked her if she was up for it pulled her dress off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

She was stood there topless just with a thong on i said come on lads do what you want

We all got stripped off Jane was on her knees sucking our cocks in turn then she said it was her turn for fun Ian was the first up her about 30 seconds before he shot his load up her Jane was laid on a picnic table and you cold see his cum running out John went and licked her while i suckedIans cock i love to taste Jane on a cock.

Jane said lets go to the bed room were its more comfortable i let them go in first while i locked up and put the alarm on i got into the bedroom Jane was getting spit roasted John was fucking her and she was sucking Ian.

Ian came in Jane's mouth said he had to go well hes only 19 got dressed and left i let him out came back to the bedroom they were laid there kissing Jane had her legs open and cum was pouring out i got down and licked her clean her clit was big and hard see was grinding her pussy in my face then her legs shut tight as she started to come.

I got onto the bed and they both started to suck me John said its been over a year since he last sucked a cock and he had missed it Jane said how close am i to cumming not far John got hold and finished me off

The last time he sucked me off he never swallowed it like this time.

I Asked Jane could i leave her alone and i will go in the other bed room till morning she smiled i set the video up set it going kissed her good night and closed the door.

About an hour later i could ear her getting a good fucking i got a hard on and wanked my self off it was all quiet now so i got into bed and feel a sleep

I woke went to the bath room when i opened the door John was there i smiled ok yes he said i had a pee and Jane was there i kissed her felt her pussy it was red hot se said give us ten and then i am all yours

I Waited like she wanted me to its a great turn on for me i wish she would do it more i went in to the bed room Jane's bent over with her head in the pillows Johns got her from be hind and fucking her very slowly i went so Jane could suck me yes i no she said its up my bum she as only ever done anal twice before.

John carried on fucking her very slowly then a big sigh yes he had cum he pulled out i went behind Jane and push my cock into her bum i shot my cum at once it was only the second time i had cum in Jane's bum .

Jane turned on her back we took turns in kissing her and sucking her nipples.

John got a shower got dressed Jane went down to let him out we fell a sleep in each others arms for an our SHE LOOKED SO HORNY ON THE VIDEO WHEN I WAS NOT THERE BUT THATS ANOTHER STORY