Written by phil

2 Nov 2011

My wife and I were childhood sweethearts - same class at school and so on, and married when we were both 19. She was a secretary; I was an apprentice.

We had made love before we were married, and she was happy to go along with anything I suggested, but I sensed she wasn't having orgasms (I had nothing to compare her with.)

I read "adult" magazines (this was in the early 1980s before the internet took off) and as we experimented - first blow job, first cunnilingus, first anal, all she ever asked me was "Is it normal?" And when I said "Yes", she would have a go.

When we'd been married a couple of years, and I was chatting to mates, I realised that Claire really wasn't having orgasms. She would get wet all right, but never cried out or gasped when I was coming inside her, or any other time.

Then I heard about swinging; there was a sauna near us in London that advertised in H and E and when I rang them, I realised that we could go there and watch other people "at it". I thought we might learn a few tips.

When I suggested this to Claire, all she said was "Is it normal?" And when I said "Yes" (with my fingers crossed) she was quite happy to visit.

We arrived on a Sunday afternoon - I had been told it was quieter then, and we undressed. Claire was really relaxed about it, even though there were only a couple of other women there, and about thirty men.

We went into the sauna, followed by several blokes (I now know that's normal in these places) and Claire sat and watched as a couple of them developed quite impressive erections. After twenty minutes or so, we left and were again followed.

Then one man, whose erection was quite prominent, asked us if we knew where the rest rooms were. He showed us one, and suggested Claire have a lie down after the sauna.

My heart was racing, and I was wondering where this man's wife was, but when we went into the room and Claire lay down, he locked the door and went to sit next to her.

Without asking, he stroked her gently and very soon was stroking her bush (in those days girls didn't trim like they do now)and then he gently opened her legs as he rubbed along her slit, then I watched as he pushed a finger into her passage.

When he did this, Claire gasped a little, but didn't seem to object. She was getting a little flushed and her lips were open; at first I thought it was from the sauna, but when she started to wriggle her pelvis, I ralised she was getting turned on.

The man's erection was even more impressive now, and I watched as, without saying anything, he climbed onto the couch, lying over her with his erection pointing up towards her head.

He then said "I'm going to fuck you now" and my lovely wife just said "Is it normal?"

Before I could say anything, he said "Yes"

And then he leant a little down and forwards, leaning on his elbows, and without using his hands, which I always had to to get my penis into her, he thrust forwards and the slurping noise I heard, as well as Claire's gasp, told me he had entered her.

He wasn't wearing a condom (this was just before all the health scares) and Claire was on the pill, so that didn't concern me, but I was upset that what I had hoped would be an opportunity for us to improve our sex lives had beconme an opportuniy for Claire alone to enjoy it.

I watched as the man (we never found out his name) pumped and twisted and thrust, first slow, then fast, first shallow then deep, and fucked my wife: but he wasn't just fucking her - he was pleasuring her.

And I stood helplessly by the door as I watched Claire gradually come to he first real orgasm - one where she held her breath for seconds, then panted then screamed as she pushed her pelvis right onto this man's erection. She said some really rude things - "Fuck my cunt - come inside me" and so on. After a couple of minutes of this, she settled down; he stopped pumping her and then removed his erect penis from her.

He stood by the plastic couch and asked her if she had enjoyed herself. "Yes" she said.

Then he told her to look at his eercetion, and he wanked himslef right over her face.

I noticed him grunt, then point his penis straight at her face as he spunked up - into her hair, her eyes, nose and mouth.

After several huge spurts, he dribbled the rest onto her belly, then turned to me and said "She's good" and Claire looked and said "I hope you enjoyed it - it was lovely for me."

Then he let himsefl out of the room, and Claire wiped her face and we followed him out.

That was the first time I was humiliated by another man.