Written by gatwick-phil

16 Nov 2008

I have known J at work for more years than I care to remember. There has been mild flirting, but nothing serious. As she is married and ten years older, I thought there was no chance.

Recently we have been parking cars next to each other or nearby, simply because the car park is busier than ever, and we stroll into work together, sometimes we walk out together at the same time

Last week I solved problem for her at work. When she said “I could kiss you”, I said “Don’t let me stop you”

To my surprise she planted a smacker on my lips. I spent most of the day with a hard-on… and even had to have a wank I the toilet at lunchtime

Walking out to our cars that evening, I waited until we were near our cars, and complimented her on her kiss. “That’s not a kiss” she said. “What is?” I replied going hard again.

So she turns around and very quickly we are snogging away. My hand is rubbing her very pert arse, and she has her hand on my crotch.

“Come back to mine” she says as she pulls lightly away (she lives closer to work than me). It quickly transpires that her hubby hardly kisses her let alone anything else, and wouldn’t be home for sometime

Ten minutes later we were in her hallway, kissing again. We were naked in no time. Foreplay was not needed, she was dripping… and was begging for a f**k.

Having satisfied her need, I then did what I have wanted to do her years… Lick her tight juicy old pussy. And boy it is juicy! Slowly licking her clit had her squirting all over my face mmm

We are meeting up every evening and weekend for more of the same