Written by Paulrcouple

6 Mar 2013

We run a pub as some of you know that's met us

Well we have food delivered 3 times a week and on Wednesday its a young lad mid twenties and get more suggestive to Jane every time i am not about.

Jane's been feeling very horny not much going on at the moment on this site when its good its good but when its bad its bad.

Any way Jane said he had made a remark about her in a dressing gown and asked her if she had anything on underneath she called a cheeky young bugger and laughed it off.

I Asked her would you fuck him so said if it was night and i had had a couple of drinks yes but not at 9 in the morning.

Whats the difference you have fucked guys what we know with out a drink she said that's different if you know them.

So last night in bed i brought him up when fingering her go on fuck him in the morning just have your dressing gown on i can watch it on cctv then have my sloppy seconds will see she said when i was fucking her i was telling what a fucking she was going to get from him and she was as horny as hell.

Woke up about 7 30 started playing with her pussy telling her i am getting it ready for him she said ok you win i will get a shower i said i will move the car and you can tell him i am out playing golf which i do often on a morning.

Jane got ready put make up on hold up stockings and her dressing gown and waited for him to arrive he was late nearly half past.

He knocked on the kitchen door Jane let him wheel the trolley in the checked it off he asked were i was she said playing golf she said do you want a brew which she never as done before.

He then asked her if she had any thing on under neath her gown she just opened it i could she her back his face was a picture.

He fucked Jane on a bar stool i have many times and watched get fucked there many time he came as soon as he got it up less than thirty seconds put his cock away and went

Jane came to me said what the fuck was that you better do better had my sloppy seconds but did not last long never do when i have seconds Jane made herself cum with her rabbit