Written by Paulrcouple

1 Jul 2012

Trip from our pub to the racers had a good day there was only one guy on his own he was invited by one of the regular customers when there was two spare seats on the coach.

He turned up on his own his wife was pregnant and did not feel up to he was called Barry early thirties and not bad looking lad we were all couples so he was on his own he seemed ok a chated and joined in with us all.

all had a lot to drink but nothing said wrong just good fun got back to our pub about11

Some went straight home some came in for a drink and what was left started to drift off home there was Barry on his own got talking to him sat at a posing table on high stools Nothing much said just banter Jane came and sat with us the bar staff had just about finished staff drink and they went there was just the 3 of us sex had not crossed our minds till then we don't play with customers.

Jane's dress had moved up he legs and you could see her stocking tops and white knickers i could see Barry getting an eye full i smiled at Jane she shook her head to say no.

I Went in the cellar and left them for a while nothing happened i came back Jane said Barry s taxi would be about half an hour he went to the toilet i told Jane go for it she said there is nothing going to happen i said he can not keep his eyes of your legs

Yes and that's about it hes saying nothing sexual i told her to go to the toilet and take your knickers off and come back i will leave you and watch on cc tv.

Barry came back started chatting Jane sat for a while then went to the loo she came back smiled i new she was up for it now sat down i chated a bit more the said i was going to bed had to be up early in the morning said good night and left them .

I Could see them on cc tv Jane was sat in front of him with her legs a part he must have been able to see Jan es bald pussy but nothing was happening Jane got up went be hind the bar out of view then Barry got up and he was out of view.


Then Barry came back into view then walked out of the door hes said no and gone i thaught Jane went and locked the door lights out the alarm on.

Jane came to the office and told me what happened she went to see how long his taxi would be it was already over half an hour she told me Barry had walked over to the end of the bar he was standing there with his cock out and said is this what you want got me on a table squeezed my boobs his cock felt big and nice but just three strokes and it was over she opened her legs wide and cum was running out she said i hope he is going to keep his mouth closed .

I got her to bend over and took her from behind one push and i was all the way in did not take me long i love it sloppy and it was went up stairs i went to the bath room when i got in the bed room Jane was there with her rabbit i sucked her nipples and told her to go for it which she did got into bed we both fell asleep .

Got up in the morning and went about our work in the pub hoping that was the end of it with Barry and nothing said.

The phone went Jane got it then she told me it was Barry asking her not to say a word to any one he told her the lad that had got him to go to the races his wife is his wife's best mate he said it was all down to drink and his wife had gone of sex and he was very sorry Jane said she could remember very little about last night and said she was to drunk to know what went on.