Written by Paulrcouple

29 Aug 2014

Hi We were out in Town in the summer and bumped into a friend from years ago we had fun with him many times We first met Ken on his 23 birthday he was out with friends have a good time we were in our late 30s. We were in a pud and there was a disco on Jane likes to dance she was dancing and Ken joined her he came back to the bar with her he had a bit too drink so we told him what we got up too and gave him our number to ring. We both drank up and went in case he started to broadcast it to his friends when he went back to them we got the call and met him many times.

But thats not the story we are going to tell you.

So we bumped into Ken in Blackpool Town center in a pub we had not seen him for at least 20 years he was here for a long weekend with his wife. He smiled at us and said its Paul and Jane yes Jane said hello can how are you very good he introduced us to his wife Claire told us they had been married 12 years and just having a break from the kids.He told his wife we used to work together and he had met Jane at work does years ago could tell by the look on his face he did not want her to know about the past been swinging many years you get to know the signs when to keep your mouth shut.

Any way we got chatting had a few drinks everything was ok i went to the toilet Ken came thanked me for being discreet and ask if we still played told him yes just as much as ever.

He told me after she had there children sex is just about over she is never in the mood and when is get it over as soon as you can told me how he still thinks about our times years ago and would love to met us but the have moved away to Lincolnshire to far for him to come over.

We got drinks and went back to our wives i told Jane claire has no idea about the old days Claire had gone outside to ring the kids told Jane Ken would like to meet us but hes too far away. Claire came back she said she was tired and want to go back to the hotel Ken said one more drink and he would take her back we realized then what a miserable woman she was.

We had another drink they left we gave Ken our address and number and told them to call round for a drink hoping Ken would come that night we went home but nothing.

We were in bed chatting about our time years ago with Ken Jane said she can remember his cock very well yes he was one of the big boys ALWAYS TELL YOU WHEN THEY'RE NOT THEY ALL DON'T HAVE BIG COCKS .

Jane said it was very broad and his last inch and bell end would bend down wards and she could always fell the bend when he was fucking her said it was good.

We had a good fuck while we talked about him Jane saying she would love him again we fell asleep.

In the morning we got a call it was Ken and they would love to call round for a drink before they set off back it was a nice hot sunny day they got here about one.

We went out in the Garden with drinks Ken said he was ok for a few drinks Claire was going to drive think Claire felt left out or she is just miserable she had a soft drink we were all on our decking area Clarie saw the sun lounger asked if she could lie on it and have a quick sleep before she drove back i said if you want love she was lying with her back to us.

Jane was sat in the middle of us we let her get settled and carried on chatting Ken started to finger Jane under the table Jane was rubbing both our cocks it was so horny his miserable wife 12 feet away and Ken fingering and kissing Jane the miserable wife did not have a clue it was hard to keep chatting.

Asked Jane to get some more drinks Ken said he would give her a hand they went back into the house Ken had a quick look at Claire and she was asleep or pretending to be they had been gone a few minutes i was there with a big hard on thinking about them fucking it was so horny they came back.

Jane smiled i said that was quick she whispered in my ear not fucked me just a grope and a suck and kissing but i want it we carried on chatting well it was more me they were kissing and Ken was busy with Jane's clit with his fingers Claire was still lying there sorry but you dont go to someone's house you have just met to be like that.

Jane could wait no longer said she needed the toilet and went told her to come back with more drinks Ken said he would get them and of they went. I was sat there with a hard on Knowing now Jane was going to get fucked.

I Looked up to the bedroom window Jane was looking out she smiled and put her finger to her lips Ken was at the back of her he had her boobs out kissing her neck Claire was on the sun lounger face the other way Jane was now bent forward looking out the window yes he was fucking her stood up the look on Jane's face.

Ken came with the drinks Jane gave it a short time to come back Ken whispered in my ear how lucky i am Jane gave me a big kiss said just wait till they go.

Ken went and woke Claire up said it was time to go Claire said sorry for falling asleep great meeting us will have to do it again.

As soon as they went we went upstairs to the bedroom Jane told me all about him in the Kitchen how he had never forgot the times from years ago said he did not last long but his cock still felt good after all that time.

Got a call later that night said they were home and thanks if he was nearer he would be round like he used to be said sorry for the quick exit but he knows a like my sloppy seconds