Written by mikey

15 Dec 2011

i have been wed to julie for 32 years and like lots of men i have fantasies about her with other men. julie knows about these fantasies but just laughs them off. she as always had a thing about good looking black men which i often tease her about and recently i fetched it up while we were making love and she seemed to get more turned on than normal. this went on for a while and i said jokingly that i would fix it for her one day. this summer whilst on a weekend away in chester we were in the hotel bar having a drink when a group of men came in, they looked like business type people from the way they dressed and julie straight away said that black guy looks fit. i just laughed at her and said ill fix it for you to fuck him as long as i can watch, she said dont be stupid i would never do it. as the evening wore on and more drinks were consumed people were drifting off, julie and i were sat at the bar just chatting when the black gentleman asked if he could have dance with julie, i didnt object and off they went dancing. nothing untoward happened while they were dancing but julie told me when she came back that he leaned into her and seemed to have an erection. around midnight we left the bar and made our way to the lift to go to our room, while waiting for the lift the black gent appeared and once again thanked us for the dance. when we entered the lift he got in as well and was staying on the 4th floor same as us, he invited us to his a room for a nightcap i looked at julie and she said yes just quick one as she was a bit tipsy. he introduced himself as marcus, on entering his room he opened a bottle of champagne from the mini bar and poured each of us glass, then he put on some music and once again asked julie to dance. this time the music was slower and they were dancing much closer, i just sat back and thought lets see how far this goes. i noticed marcus kept moving his hands on to julies arse and sometimes brushing the side of her breasts, i didnt think she would let this carry on but she did. julie went to the bathroom and marcus asked me if i minded him dancing with julie, i said no carry on and winked at him but i also told him that julie wouldnt go any further than a dance. he just laughed and said lets see. julie came back from the bathroom and marcus took hold of her and said lets dance some more. this time he was more assertive with his hand movements and left them on her arse longer and she still never complained.after about five minutes of dancing and touching julies head was resting on his shoulder when he lifted it and kissed her full on the lips, i thought thats it hes gone too far but she was responding to him and her arms were now wrapped around him as their kiss went on. when they broke from the kiss she looked at me and i just smiled and nodded at her. when they kissed again it was more sensual and marcus started to openly touch her breasts then when she didnt object he removed her blouse and bra before fondling her exposed 36dd breasts with his large black hands. i have to admit to feelig a bit jealous but the excitement of seeing my wife of 32 years succumbing to this mans charms was exciting me. in no time at all her skirt had been removed leaving her in just stockings and knickers but they were soon off as they smooched over to the bed and marcus started to undress himself while julie just lay there waiting for him. when he removed his underwear i was amazed at the size of his cock, not really long about 8" but as thick as a cucumber, i thought julie will never get that in her but i was wrong, she must have been that wet it went in easily and as he thrusted in her she was moaning and telling him to fuck her harder. for about ten minutes i watched my lovely wife getting fucked for all she was worth then he turned her over and gave it to her from behind, this was all she needed to make her cum she pushed herself into him and yelled as she orgasmed. after she had come marcus pulled out and got her to suck that enormous cock until he bucked into an orgasm and covered her face with his cum. i was sporting an erection but waited until we got back to our room before fucking julie and enjoying a great night of sex.