Written by Dave

6 Jun 2014

It was a wet afternoon in Birmingham and we were there for the weekend. I am Dave married to Karen. We are both in our early 30s and she has kept a super figure. She is quite busty and small Very adventerous at times as I kew from our swinging. We went into a bar and had a drink as we considered what to do in the afternoon. Across the road was a naughty cinema advertising discounted prices for couples. I looked over at Karen and asked what she thought about going to the cinema.

She said that it would probably be full of dirty old men in flasher macs who would want to grope her. We thought about it for some time watching guys go in and out. Surprisingly most were young. our age and under but not many couples. OK then she said but if its sleazy were coming out. I just had to agree.

We crossed the road and paid our money. Karen was twitchy standing in the foyer where we could be seen and was keen to get inside. We moved to the door to the auditorium and I opened it to let her in. It was quite dark and we moved to the side to let our eyes get used to it. As we looked around I could see that there was another couple toward the front surrounded by guys and so we moved towards the back about four seats in. The row was deserted.

We got ourselves comfortable pretending to watch the porn film but in reality watching the audience. The couple were having a great old time of it and it appeared that she was being groped and loving it.

A movement to my left alerted me to a young guy edging his way along the row towards us on Karen's side. He took up a seat with a gap between Karen and him. She looked intently at him and then turned to wink at me. I opened her blouse slightly allowing the swellof her large breasts to be seen.Another guy moved into the row behind us sitting directly behind my wife and slightly to one side giving him a pretty good view of her breasts. He was also in his 20s I would say. We just sat and watched pretending not to have noticed them when another guy sat at the seat in front of her, his arm resting across the back.

I wondered what to do from here asnd pulled Karen towards me so that I could whisper inher ear. I asked her what she wanted to do. She gave me a big smile and whispered ' Lets go for it'. I moved my hand down onto her legs and pushed up her skirt showing quite a lot of thigh. The guy on her left moved into the seat next to her pretending to watch the film. I felt that as soon as things started to happen it would be quick.

My hand was up her skirt now and the guy in front was slyly trying to get an eye full. On her left he was pressing against her leg , his hand onhis own knee as he glanced at me. I gave him a smile and a nod. Cautously his hand moved onto her thighand began to move up to her panties. My hand met his and I guided his hand to her still covered pussy. He was more confident now knowing the score and began to explore through her panties. He had a coat on his knee and took her hand slipping it under the coat. His zipper ws open and he guided her hand onto his erect cock. Karen raised the coat slightly so that I could see what she had hold of. It was thick and quite a good length. My wife was obviously enjoying it. I felt his hand trying to gain more access to her pussy pushing her panties aside.Karen eased up and he was able to slip her panties down to her knees.

This wasn't lost on the guy in front who turned around and eased her pantied to her ankles and then off moving her legs wide apart. Three of us were exploring her pussy now and I moved my hand as the front guy bent over the back of the seat moving his headbetween her legs and licking at her smooth clitty. I could see she was loving this. Behind us hands were eagerly groping her large breasts and opening theclip of her bra.

Karen's heavy breasts fell forward released to his touch . I turned to see that his cock was out and well hard. The guy in front of her stood so that she could feel his cock too. All these guys were a fair bit younger than us but she was loving the attention.

We started to gather a small crowd of spectators as people realised what was going on.

Guys were gropingher all over now and her fingers were moving from cock to cock.

Karen bent forward over the seat as the guy in front moved into our row and pressed his thighs against her. I realised that he was entering her as she moaned and then his thrusts were strong and urgent.The guys were excited too as I put my hand down to feel the base of his cock. He was wearing a condom much to my delight and her pussy was being well stretched by his thick cock. His thrusts became more urgent and soon he was spurting into the condom inside her. Karen moaned as he pulled out and moved away. A slim young black took his place, condom already on and slid slowly in. Karen said ' Oh It's big' as he pushed it right home. He took long slow strokes. allowingher to get used to its size. He took her to climax as her body went rigid and climaxed before he jetted his load into her.

The guy beside me stood so that she could suck himand the guy behindwas groping her.

I started to loose track of what was happening as the guys swapped over. Karen went to the ladies and I went with her to ensure her safety.

We decided that things had hotted up a little to much and were indanger of getting out of control and decided to leave.

We walked back to the hotel without exchanging a word until er reached our room

Karen said that she felt well and truly fucked.

I asked her if she would do it again and found her to be enthusiastic. Maybe tomorrow night again she said or in the afternoon and fix a nice session for the night.