26 Sep 2015

This happened when my first wife, Kris, was 37. She is about 5'2" and petite with shoulder length black hair and brown eyes. Her tits are small, 32b. We were taking a driving trip throughout the southwest of the U.S. We had stopped in eastern New Mexico for lunch and met up and chatted with a young(20 year old) African American man. He was going almost as far as we were and he was hitch hiking so we gave him a ride. Kris was constantly looking back at Thomas who was in the back seat and they were engaged in long conversations. We were going to drop Thomas off at a town about 100 miles away but before we got there a violent rainstorm had closed the road. We had to stay in a small town. We checked into a motel that had one room left, and it had 2 beds, so the 3 of us checked in.

Kris and I took the far bed and a small nightstand separated our bed from Thomas'. We'd stopped and bought plenty of alcohol to get us through the night. Around 9PM Kris announced that she was going to shower. With Thomas in his bed and me in ours, we watched the television until Kris appeared out of the bathroom 20 minutes later. She was wearing a very short t-shirt and red panties. We could see her panties even when she bent over slightly. I saw that Thomas had taken notice of this. The he said he was going to shower. Kris layed down on our bed next to the nightstand.

Ten minutes later Thomas came out wearing a towel. I saw Kris look at his young fit body. She was a little tipsy from the booze and said, "I've been wondering what they say about black guys." Thomas didn't say a word, he just walked over and stood between the beds, facing Kris. He was only a few inches from her and he said, "You know what to do to find out." Kris looked over she shoulder at me and then reached up and removed the towel. I heard her whisper, "Oh My God." I saw his limp cock, about 8 inches worth and thick, hanging down. Instinctivley, Kris reached up with her left hand and started to stroke his dick, Within seconds it grew another 2-3 inches. Her right hand began to fondle his balls. Thomas put his left hand on the back of my wife's head and slowly pulled it towards his hugh erect cock. She knew what to do. From the back I saw her head bobbing up and down and Thomas tilted his head back and closed his eyes. I knew my wife was pleasuring him with a great blow job. I could hear her sucking and when she would remove her mouth from his cock it made a wet sound. Thomas reached down and pulled off her t-shirt, exposing her tits. He started to tweak her right nipple which always gets her horny and she moaned and went back to sucking.

After about five minutes Thomas pulled his cock out of her mouth and reached down and started to remove my wife's panties. Not only did she not object, she her raised her hips, making it easier for him. In a flash she was naked and Thomas bent down, scooped her up, and carried her to his bed. He looked at me and said, "I gotta have a pice of this." He tossed her on the bed and in seconds he was on top of her. I saw her legs spread wide and her arms wrap around him. She urged him on saying, "Oh god, yes." Thomas was pounding her in a steady, even motion. Kris' legs were flailing away with each stroke of his pounding. It didn't take long until I heard her moaning and moaning until she finally reached around and grabbed his ass and pulled him even further into her. Then screamed, "OOOOHH YEESSS."

Thomas wasn't finished. He rolled her over and banged her doggie style until she came again. Then he had her ride his cock until she had another orgasm. I just watched this young black man pound and satisfy my wife who was almost twice his age.

Finally, Thomas had her sit on the edge of his bed and he stood in front of her as she swalowed his cock again. I saw his hips move in and out and watched him face-fuck my wife. He began to cum and pulled out and shot loads of hot sticky cum all over my wife's face and tits. She just smiled.

Then they both went into the shower. They were in the shower for 30-40 minutes and I heard Kris cum 2 more times.

She ended up sleeping with him that night and I got no sleep because they fucked until dawn.

The next day, driving to Thomas' destination, Kris rode in the back seat where she managed to suck his cock and ride his dick one more time. She said that was her best vacation ever. I wonder why?