Written by Arlington_49

13 May 2015

Call it exasperation, perhaps frustration, even disappointment to learn how wrong I was about Judi’s play engagement last week with Barrett and his three colleagues! I had naturally assumed Judi’s manner to lock her real estate deal with Barrett, lay him and his colleagues! How wrong I was…!!

I knew something was amiss when Judi’s “guests” didn’t use the various ‘accessories’ on our own guest bed, but it didn’t fully strike me. Watching my wife fucked drew more attention than logic prevail. The bed restraints are there under the pillow and coverlet cushions, along with various toys in the bureau, from ball gags to spread bars, various size dildos and strap-on accessories to play things used in modest bondage and S&M work-outs. NO, none used, because my wife NEVER shared the information with Barrett. Judi had NO intentions that evening to lay Barrett or his colleagues…pure and simple!!

In fact, it was Barrett and friends who plied Judi with beverage and weed to prepare her “receptivity.” In fact, as I learned last evening, Eve motivated Barrett to the moves. She’d take any advantage to have my wife ‘done.’ Mind you, our relationship no longer exists, BUT she will apparently take whatever opportunity to have Judi “dealt with” as my wife!

Prior to my walking in on Judi’s “hosting,” Barrett prepared her for a group fuck party. Judi had NO plan to ‘consummate’ a tryst…at that point in time. The real estate contract was still in planning stage. Judi would more likely play her game when the negotiation got down to final stages. Barrett’s mindset was straight and simple. He wanted to fuck Judi, and his invited friends were there to share and facilitate…her fucking…!!!

I’m still mortified that I ‘eagerly’ watched my wife being banged in all manners. Greg last evening suggested I shouldn’t feel so “guilty.” That I’m well known as a husband who enjoys…like many other husbands…watching his wife performing with other men and women! Judi was well sloshed and high! No manner did she…could she…signal that she was being taken WITHOUT her approval. However, as I responded to Greg, so often my attitude has been and continues to be, most women enjoy the events as they unfold. Whatever “objections” they may imply dissipate quickly as their pussies, and cunnies are sexually satiated by their partner OR partners! That evening with Barrett, Alan and two other SOB’s NO different…Judi in my mind invited her taking…!!

What aggravates the situation, from my obvious pleasure seeing Judi dominated and used, I thereupon have her as well…!! In fact, my own fuck time was abbreviated…I couldn’t last more than 10 minutes missionary banging my wife!! For more than an hour I watched Judi ‘satisfy’ four gentlemen, thinking she was also satisfying herself!! How fucking stupid could I have been…!!! When I missionary mounted my wife, all I could concentrate on was sliding into Judi’s well-lubed love hole and banging as hard and fast as possible. All I could think…I wanted to release myself into my wife. She just laid four lads…NOW MY TURN…!!! What’s worse, I even thought of anally fucking her later in the evening! She rarely “permits” me to do her bum…what a grand time I would have had…Barrett did a smash fab job pumping her ass earlier! Only matter that cautioned me, a second round may have yielded ‘issues’ I didn’t wish to deal with, given I enjoy bare back fucking…!!

How pitiful am I in this instance. Whatever verbal solace Greg could offer last night, doesn’t assuage my feeling of guilt. I allowed my wife to be gang-fucked likely against her will, if she had been sober and clean of weed!! How often does this happen? How often can I be accused of taking ‘cuckold’ and ‘voyeurism’ too far…!! Right now, my second thought…how do I avenge my wife’s taking with Evelyn. The wealthy, spoiled little bitch will have her day OR evening of reckoning…!! AND, how do I address Barrett’s plan to continue playing with my wife? If Judi is clear and coherent, and decides to lay Barrett for her RE needs, I’ll stand off. BUT, if otherwise, I need to step into Judi’s situation and deal with the possible consequences…