Written by Paulrcouple

3 Jan 2014

Stayed in Liverpool for new year put an add on SH but not a lot of response Just guys that wanted to turn up for a quick fuck at our hotel and go.

We got to our hotel checked in got washed and changed and went out had a meal then started to do the pubs. Mathew street was far too busy for us so we headed for dale street area some pubs were busy somewhere quiet.

We went into one nice place and a good age range of people in there was a band on which were not bad we moved away from the bar and found a corner.

I Went to the toilet came back and Jane was talking to a young guy i watched a bit and could tell Jane was on the pull they were laughing. Jane saw me and nodded for me to come over She told this young guy who i was he said he was called Ben Jane said he was with a gang from Chester for the night and had lost them a coach was going to pick them all up at 3am and take them back to Chester.

We told him we were here for the night as well and staying in a hotel he said lucky you.

We got talking i got the wink from Jane so i got a round of drinks the music was good so i thaught let see what happens.

I Had a good look at Ben the bar was dimly lit He was smart lad good looking and a good suntan not very dark but very tanned told us later his father was mixed raced west indian and Irish. His mother was English he said he was 22 but Jane said later a young 22.

We asked him was he going to look for his friends he said he would do later then said were we trying to get rid of him no not at all Jane said were going to another bar come with us if you want are you sure yes please come we would like you to i agreed as well.

Went round the corner to a pub called The Liverpool disco on busy Got the drinks found a corner there was a tall stool Jane sat on it after a while her skirt had start to ride up you could see her stocking tops.

Ben could not keeps his eyes off them Jane got chatting to him asked as he got a girlfriend he said they had just split up she had met another guy while she was away at UNI.

She said there must be a queue of girls for him he just smiled and said i wish.

I said to Jane are you in the queue she smiled and said at the front Ben just laughed i said she's not joking got to watch Jane with young guys he said nothing no reaction at all.

I winked at Jane she gave me a look and nodded she was thinking the same as me is he taking the piss got him 3 drinks now not bought one back free loading had it done before on us.

Jane was in the corner sat with her back to too sides of the wall her skirt was right up we were stood right in front of her everyone was looking forward no one could see a thing i put my hand on her legs and went under her skirt Ben watched just checking to see if you have your knickers on.

Ben asked if we wanted another drink we said please he went to get them the bar was round the corner i said thats good night hes gone.

Jane said he was hard work what else could i do other than ask him out right would you like to fuck me then out the blue Bens back with the drinks.

Jane got of the stool and went to the toilet we just chatted about nothing Jane was right he was hard work nights getting on.

Jane got back sat back down i put my hand up her skirt and said just checking to see she said thats not fair it was Ben's turn i said do you want a turn Ben looked at me said are you sure yes i am sure his hand went up Janes skirt he bent forward and kissed her no one knew a thing it was very dark and everyone was facing the other way.

I Asked would you like to come back to our hotel for some fun a 3some were we both fuck Jane tonight he said yes now get a taxi ok we went.

Told him we would have a drink in the hotel bar so we blended in before we went up to our room.

Ben asked us have we done this before Jane told him many times we told him about this site i got a couple of bottles of wine and we went up to our room.

Once in our room got the laptop out and Got S H upon it showed him our add we had put on let him look at our profile he said he had heard about such things going on but never thaught he would ever get involved in it.

Ben said how do we start Jane came out of the bathroom with just her stockings on and a suspender belt got on the bed and said were up for any thing but no pain or watersports both Ben and i took our clothes off that first sight of that young cock was not a let down about 8 inches thick and a foreskin that covered half his bell end.

He went straight down on Jane as i laid next to her and kissed her i could feel Ben playing with me then that warm breath and he had taken me in his mouth he moved up the bed and started to kiss Jane i got the cam on the soft color of brown on Janes white skin looked fantastic not a mark on his smooth young body he asked us to do things too him wanted us both to suck his cock at the same time he loved it as much as us.

To say it was his first time with a couple it was a bit hard to believe he was up for any thing and everything.

He could fuck and Jane new what she was getting he could fuck her hard then slowly liked to give plenty of oral.Imade a big mistake had to much of the wine we brought back to our room and could only manage to come once our room had two beds in it a double and a single i got on the single bed and fell fast on i had the cam on the tripod to cam the fun.

I woke about 6 and Ben had Jane bent over the dressing table fucking her from behind she told me they had fallen asleep after fucking on there sides for a while but she woke up to Ben licking her pussy.

Jane told me he fucked her most of the night did not know how he could carry on after he had cum so many times.

After he had fucked her over the dressing table Jane said are you going to join us i got her on the edge of the bed her pussy was red hot and swollen it had been well used but sloppy seconds i always cum so quick pulled out and Ben got on his knees and sucked me said he wanted to taste Jane on me.

We sat and talked for a bit Ben said he had never done any thing like this before his girl friend did not like sucking him and it was always her on her back she never got on top like Jane loves i asked about his bi side he said he had done it a couple of times with a friend a couple of years ago while watching porn.

Like Jane said to me later if his girl friend would only have sex on her back hes watched a lot of porn she says he was very good and new what to do.

Ben left us about 9-30 he had to get the trian back to Chester hope he will remember new year 2014 Jane will and i will that part i was not asleep in.

Ben,s got our number says he will keep in touch and meet up but been told that before with young guys