Written by Demi

3 Jun 2009

Hi, Demi here. I was happy at the idea of having a week off of sexual excesses after the treatment my bum and pussy had taken the previous week. Lucy had me attend the exercise and dance class 3 times and her place after as well as on the days I wasn’t there, also I was to keep massaging oils into my bum hole to make it supple so I wouldn’t hurt so much in future.

I got a message from an old girlfriend of mine whom I had forgotten was going to get married soon, inviting me to her hen night (a month before the wedding, she was always a little wild), I spoke to Jake about it and he ok’d it saying that he could look after the kids, I was going to be away the whole weekend as my friend lived miles away! Anyway I contacted her and accepted, looking forward to meeting up with her and some other old friends while I was there.

Meanwhile, apart from Lucy and dance, my week was pretty tame and I soon found myself wondering why Ken hadn’t contacted me for sex. Halfway through the week I was feeling horny nearly all day long, although my husband was screwing me regularly, it just didn’t seem enough to satisfy my needs. For some reason, if I tried to masturbate myself, I couldn’t make myself climax, I could get wet enough to soak the towel I sat on but that was all. There was no way I was going to let that slut Jodi get me in bed either, so Thursday, after my training session, found me in a lay by changing into a short, white, summer skirt and a silk, sleeveless vest, to see if a little bit of exhibitionism would help. All I wore under the skirt was a brief thong and my nipples with their rings showed clearly through the thin top.

There wasn’t anyone around so I decided to just drive and try and relax that way (I’ve always loved driving my car with the top down), it was warm and the roads were fairly traffic free and after about an hour I saw that I was low on fuel and decided to stop for petrol. Subconsciously or not, I found myself on the same road as the garage where I had been screwed by the attendant last time was. Thinking that I would prove to myself that I was capable of being faithful to my 4 men, I pulled in. The man from last time was there, in a little hut with a younger guy, he looked out at me and they carried on chatting. I thought I would get my revenge by teasing him in front of another co worker, so I got out and undid the cap and began filling my car up, making sure I was bending over just enough to show the rounded curves of my bottom and a bit of thong disappearing between the firm cheeks. Just then I heard him call out telling me not to touch the pumps and was a bit shocked as he pulled it from my hands. He told me that it was not allowed and that I would be in trouble for doing it in the first place, I looked over his shoulder and noticed the young attendant grinning at me being told off and I turned bright red and began to apologise.

The man told me not to bother trying to worm my way out of it and, holding me by the arm, told the young guy to fill the car while he dealt with me. I looked back at the other man, pleadingly as I was dragged off to the hut, once I was inside the man said to me “ right you dirty bitch, I know why you’re here, flashing your tits and cunt to me and the lad. Now I’m going to make sure you know how to behave in future” he spun me around so I was facing over an old desk that was in there, lifting my vest up and mauling my breasts as he did so. Soon I was wriggling my bottom against him, I could feel the lump in the front of his overalls growing as he bent me over the desk and tore my thong off. Using his knees, he forced my legs apart and keeping me pressed down onto the desk, began to rub his penis up and down along my pussy lips, in no time at all I was moaning as a climax hit me hard ( god it was so strong it hurt, I didn’t realise that I was so desperate for more sex than I was getting at home.

Then I felt that wonderful feeling of my pussy being stretched by a hot, hard willy, I was humping back against him telling him to fuck me and all the time he was saying what a cheap whore I was and how he was surprised that somebody who was as slutty as me could have such a tight hole. In the 10 minutes he took before cumming in me, I must’ve orgasmed 3 times at least! When he pulled out of me I lay still there, over the desk, still held in position by his hand in the small of my back, when I heard him say “your turn now Pete, give her a good seeing to, shes gagging for it, aint you you cunt?” I just lay still and said yes, then I felt another penis sliding into my slippery pussy, the lad was shorter but thicker and I was soon responding, urging him to screw me but begging him not to cum too soon, however he was inexperienced or over excited as I soon felt him adding another load of semen to the one already in me, so much for remaining faithful. After he had finished I stayed there, my pussy feeling pleasantly used, and I could feel the mens seed dripping out between my open legs.

Next thing I knew I was hauled to my feet, the older man went through my purse and took for the petrol, telling me that the next time I showed up there, they would fuck me and phone their mates to come and do me too! Then, with my vest still up around my neck, he pushed me out of the office. I walked around to the back where the toilets were to tidy up a little.

Like the last time, my clothes were ruined, my silk vest was marked with coffee stains and biro ink, as were my breasts and tummy, my skirt would probably wash though. As I washed my face and dried between my legs, the toilet door opened behind me and the older guy stood there, forcing me down to my knees on the wet, smelly floor, he pushed his penis into my face ordering me to suck it. I knelt in all the mess and began to suck him, his willy soon returning to full hardness. Taking me under the arms, he lifted me bodily off the floor and grabbing one of my bum cheeks, pulled me into him so his penis was nudging my pussy “put it in slut” he said and I reached down and guided his cock into my pussy for the second time that day, gasping as he entered me, I wrapped my legs around him as he backed me into the wall and began screwing me so hard that I was forced to cry out with each thrust. The smell of his overalls was rank with oil, grease, petrol and sweat, but that didn’t prevent me climaxing another 3 times as he screwed me mercilessly. As soon as he came he let go of me, allowing me to slide, gracelessly onto the floor on my bum! He walked out without saying a word leaving me sat in the mess on the floor with fresh semen leaking from me. I got up as quickly as I could and ran to my car, driving off without even looking back, I could hear the 2 of them laughing and calling out “see you soon slut” as I drove away.

My mind was in turmoil, I had just, deliberately, let myself get screwed by two men, allowing them to fill my, unprotected, pussy with their cum, I was becoming uncontrollable.

I drove back to the lay by to change out of my ruined clothes and freshen up as best I could, before driving home. The place was full of trucks and reps, I had to park at the far end and walk back to the toilets. Clutching my plastic bag with my track suit in it I began heading for the ladies, I don’t know if it was because of how I was dressed or the condition of my clothes, but I certainly attracted plenty of attention this time.

I was glad the toilets were empty when I went inside, so I, quickly started to strip off the smelly clothes and began washing myself down over a basin, making sure my face, body and pussy were as clean as I could get them, before trying to dry myself with one of those silly warm air things! I jumped as I heard a voice from behind me saying that looks like fun, and turned to see an overweight bloke standing just inside the door, my blood ran cold as I thought I was about to be raped right then and there. The guy must’ve known what I was thinking, saying for me not to worry as he was just having a look and making sure nobody walked in on me. As soon as I felt dry enough I headed for the cubicles to change, the man said to me that I might like to use the one at the far end of the toilets, and left.

Wondering what he was on about I let curiosity get the best of me and went to the one he had said about. Inside, it looked just like all the others, fairly clean, not enough paper and graffiti everywhere! I was desperate for a wee, so I sat down and, as I went, I noticed that there was a hole in the wall beside me that had been filled with paper (so that’s where it all went) ever curious, I began to pull the paper plug away from the wall and was greeted by the sight of a decent sized penis being rubbed by it’s owner, next door (it must have been the wall that joined the gents) as soon as he saw the hole was open he turned towards it and slid himself through, the hole was large enough for even the biggest penis I had ever seen, to get through and, in most cases, it would allow the mans ball sac as well. So there I was, sat on the loo, naked and still horny after all that had happened to me today, with a nice, juicy willy, poking through the wall at me, it was like I was hypnotised by it, I reached out and began to stroke it, feeling its owner give a little jump as my hand touched it. Soon I was pulling on the foreskin, masturbating this detached penis, next thing I knew, I was kissing it and licking it, then it was in my mouth and I was sucking on it as I squeezed the mans balls, I could feel him moving his hips on the other side and then heard him say he was going to cum. I suppose I could have moved away, but I have been taught to stay and swallow unless I am pulled off and did just that, my mouth filling with loads of rich, salty semen.

I heard a mans voice say thanks and ask me to stay where I was, and soon after his penis withdrew, the hole was filled with another, different one. I supposed I was expected to suck this on too and started stroking it and licking it, but, unexpectedly, just as I was going to take it in my mouth, it began spurting all over me, covering my face, breasts and hair. It was taken back quickly and as I tried to clean myself with some paper, was replaced by yet another, this one was dark though, I had never really had a thing about colour so I stopped cleaning and began sucking once more, this one lasted ages and, just as I though I was going to have to give up, it ejaculated so hard I almost choked, I thought he would never stop and each suck was rewarded with another mouthful of his creamy seed. Once he had finished he bent down to the hole and said next time I was there I could back onto him and get fucked through the wall (do people really do that?). As it was getting late now, I changed into my trackie and washed my face and hair as best as I could, I soaked my dress and took it back to my car to try and clean the seat a bit.

On the drive home I decided that I would need to sort out a morning after pill and go to a clinic before I got to my friends tomorrow for her hen night!

Please note, I am happy to read whatever you send me on here. Your thoughts on my journal are welcome and make me wet, and I will continue to try and make more entries whenever I get chance.

Oh btw I am really not sure who is screwing my slut of a nanny but don’t think its my husband, Jake.

Demi x