Written by MoreTeaVicar

21 Sep 2014

It all started when I decided I had nothing to lose when replying to some posts on the then active msn groups. I had always had a ‘thing’ for older women, the thought that they knew what they wanted, they could teach me, they could mould me etc. There was a post from a woman in the north east, I thought id reply telling the truth and see if anything happened, id replied to plenty of things before but never got anywhere and it was more of a expected blanking rather than a meeting!

Much to my surprise, I got a reply a few days later asking what part of the north east I was from, and was I really a virgin. I don’t think I could have replied any quicker fingers hammering away explaining why at 22 I hadn’t been shagging anything that moved. Having been brought up religious it wasn’t the done thing, it’s that simple. But as I got older id decided this wasn’t the path for me and I wanted to experience life and what better way than with an experienced woman! We swapped a fair few emails and expectation heightened, the only bad thing was she couldn’t include a photo so I had no idea what to expect. We traded phone numbers and she explained she was married and I could only contact her if she initiated the contact first. I was cool with that I wasn’t looking to settle down and get married!

We agreed to meet one Sunday evening on the prom in Redcar. (Seaside town in Teesside) Not knowing what to expect was such a turn on, would it be a beautiful model like housewife who wanted a younger guy to make up for the sexual moron she was married to, would it be a woman who looked like ‘jabba the hut, my mind was flicking through hundreds of different options.

I showered and decided on jeans and a polo shirt, and off I went. I found a parking spot a little off where we arranged to meet and walked over to the sea wall and looked about nervously. Was I going to be stood up? Had she seen me and decided I wasn’t right for her? With it being a sea front in summer it was reasonably busy, joggers going by, people walking dogs, couples walking along the beach. Each time someone got close I thought to myself ‘is that her’ before they went past and on their way to where ever they were going! There are quite a few pubs on the main high street which is just behind the prom, so every now and again there were some well dressed women being dropped off or parking up then walking towards the main town. A rather attractive brunette women got out of her car and walked towards me, was this her? Wow she was hot, didn’t look anywhere near as old as she said she was....then after a sharp turn she crossed the road and walked towards the high street! Oh dear!

As she left I watched her walk up past the lifeboat station, my eyes were drawn to the other side of the road, a blonde woman in a black dress and great legs was walking the other way. When I say great legs I mean wow she really had great long legs and the dress stopping short of her knees and those heels really accentuated them perfectly. I heard a car door shut near me so my attention turned instantly, a woman was getting out of the car and saying goodbye to the male dropping her off. She looked about then walked the opposite direction. My mind was going mad! I turned about to see where the blonde had gone and as I did my phone went with a text message. As it beeped I heard a voice behind me, “ah so you must be *****, I’m Trish!” I turned about and the Blonde in the black dress was stood next to me, “erm, h, h, hi!” I finally blurted out to which she smiled! I went to shake her hand for some stupid reason, she responded by shaking my hand and leaning forward to kiss my cheek!

I finally managed to sort my words out and introduced myself properly and we chatted there for a few moments. She explained she was out in town with work friends and had told them she was going to meet a friend, pop to the bank and would be about half an hour. She then suggested we go for a walk further down the prom. We walked and talked for about ten minutes before finding a secluded bench down near Zetland Park. Trish said little about herself personally other than she was married and had a fantasy for a younger man, a toy boy who she could have discreet fun with. She said she loved reading that I was a virgin and she was going to be my first sexual encounter although she mentioned more than once she didn’t believe I was a virgin. (Which I was!)

We talked a little more and I couldn’t help but look at her legs, her smooth long legs! She was slim, and clearly looked after herself. She joked about our age difference and asked me how old I thought she was. I obviously wanted to flatter her so said late 30’s, in my mind I thought early 40’s. She laughed, smiled and asked me if I was going to sit there looking at her legs and body all night or if I was going to kiss her. I didn’t wait to be asked twice and leant over and we started kissing. Our tongues exploring each other’s mouths. People walked past us on the path but she didn’t move. My hand was on the outside of her thigh and I moved it slowly up further, her dress riding up along with my hand. She moved her hand onto mind and guided it between her thighs, I could feel the heat from her pussy as I started to rub through her panties. Her legs snapped shut and she leant over and kissed me just as a person walked past! When the person was well gone she opened her legs again and pulled her panties to the side revealing her glistening pussy, her lips parted and so very inviting! As I slid a finger into her I noticed how hot her cunt was! Hot and wet! I slid a second finger into her and quickened my thrusting. She grabbed my hand again and moved it up to her clit and told me to rub there, of course I obliged! It didn’t take loan before she was moaning quietly then her hips thrust forward lifting her from the seat. She got up from the bench and straddled me, kissing me and nibbling on my bottom lip as her hands went for my belt. She undid my belt and my jeans buttons and released my hard cock from my boxers exposing it to the evening air. Trish started to move her hips forward then back and in my mind I thought this was it, she was going to fuck me. She lifted herself up and slid down my body till she was kneeing between my legs, looking me in the eyes she took my throbbing cock into her mouth and started to suck me. It was amazing looking down into her eyes, her red glossy lips surrounding my shaft and her red painted nails clasping my cock as she wanked me as sucked. It wasn’t long before I could feel my balls tightening, I told Trish I was about to cum “I’m cumming” I moaned but she didn’t blink, just kept staring into my eyes and kept my cock in her mouth. “Fuck I’m cumming” I blurted out just before I shot my load straight into her mouth. Wow it welt amazing, so horny, she took it all into her mouth, opened her lips to show me my spunk then swallowed it. She got up and straddled me again, kissing me I could taste the saltiness of my cum on her lips. Trish commented how she would be thinking of my young virgin cock tonight when she went home to her husband which instantly made me hard again! She grabbed hold and smiled and said ‘no more for now, I’ve got to get back to my friends or they will be sending out a search party!’

As we walked back towards town we talked, when we were going to meet next, she again commented that she was unsure if I was actually a virgin! Id explained my situation to her in emails and now again in person, she grinned and made it clear she was excited to be taking my virginity away soon!

We kissed goodbye before we got to a public place and I watched those long legs walking away back to her friends wondering if it was true that all women were gossips and she was going back to her friends to brag about how she had just been sucking off a guy 20+ years younger than her! In my mind I wondered if all women were that naughty! If all women acted like they did on porn movies sucking and swallowing!

I left to go home, and as ordered didn’t text Trish unless she text me. That night I got a text. “Really enjoyed myself tonight, hopefully lots more fun to follow’

Was there more fun? Well you will have to wait and see!