10 Jan 2017

Finally going to finish telling the in's and out's of my virginity and how i went about losing it!

Part One

Part Two

A few days went by with nothing, faceparty seemed all the rage and id heard from a few people it was a pretty good place to meet people looking for likeminded things. Nearly a week went past and i got a email from Trish asking if i fancied meeting her that day at 4pm!

I mailed back saying of course and asked for details etc knowing she had said this next time we met up id be fucking her! I was familiar with the area she said we would meet, its a road that connects the local A174 and Guisborough, a rural area next to a small village with a golf course.

Quick shower and shave and off i went, its a long lane and not knowing exactly what part we would be meeting on i drove down the lane from one end to the other. Hmmm must be running late. It got to about 4.30pm and i thought something had come up so decided to drive it one more time, and there coming towards me was the VW Passat she was driving last time, i slowed so we could talk driver window to driver window only to realise as i reduced speed it was a male driving, and Trish was in the passenger seat. I sped up and drove past probably looking an inexperienced driver as well as an inexperienced lover haha!

I turned and drove back slowly and again the car was coming towards me, this time though Trish was driving and the male had disappeared! I slowed and pulled up driver’s window to driver’s window, “that was my husband, ive dropped him off at the golf course he thinks im going straight home, follow me and we will park further up the road and go for a walk if you want? Trish said. “yeah! Defiantly” I quickly responded. A quick 3 point turn in a little siding near a farmers gate and I was following Trish along the country lane, she turned left into an area right in front of a farmers gate to a field. There was room next to her car for mine, and I did ask if we would be ok parking there but she seemed confident in her response as she opened her boot. She was wearing a white blouse, black trousers and what looked like black high heeled boots. (it was quite a pleasant warm evening) She got a blanket out of the boot of her car and said come on then and guided me over a stye (spelling?) onto a footpath that ran down the hillside. We chatted as we walked and she was laughing at what she said was my confused face when id drove past her in the car. Shed asked if I was worried and id admitted I was a little, that maybe he’d caught her and was wanting to see me to make sure I wasn’t going to see her again, but thankfully I was way off that mark!

We walked down to a bend where there were lots of trees and grassed areas behind them, she grabbed my hand and led me over to a grassed part and laid out the blanket and motioned for me to sit. We talked a little more and she leaned over and kissed me. “are you nervous? You’re shaking!” Trish commented, “well yeah a little, we might get caught?” She put my nerves at ease telling me it was ok and that no one really walks this path before and she had been here before. We kissed more passionate, tongues exploring each other’s mouth before she pulled away and started unbuttoning my shirt before telling me to take it off whilst unbuttoning her own blouse. She had a white bra on underneath her blouse. She didn’t have big tits but they looked fucking perfect there in front of me in her bra. Id took my shirt off and she told me to take the bottoms off also. I looked about and started to unbutton my flys all whilst carefully watching Trish taking off her trousers. Fucking hell she was in great shape! French knickers on her tight trim arse! And they were boots that came up to her knee! As I took off my jeans it was plain to see how excited I was. She laid me on my back and slid off my boxers exposing my rock hard cock. She slipped out of her knickers and she was before me totally naked except for her boots. She positioned herself over me in the 69 position and took me into her mouth, wanking my shaft whilst licking and sucking the head of my cock. I instantly started probing her pussy with my tongue, flicking and licking whilst sliding a finger straight into her. I started to work a second finger into her whilst building up the speed I was licking. She started to take all of my cock into her mouth and was pushing her head hard onto my length. I had moved my hand round squeezing her arse as I continued and moved my fingers to her tight arsehole. With a quick flick of her hand she swatted my hand away lifted her head up and simply said “no!” She went straight back to my cock her head bobbing up and down. It wasn’t long before I could feel Trish’s legs tightening around me as I licked her clit, her body started bucking and she pulled off my cock moaning with pleasure as she sat upright. I didn’t stop pushing my fingers deeper and faster into her as she started moaning louder and louder. She gave a loud moan and lifted herself off me, kissing my and no doubt tasting herself on my lips.

“Do you want to fuck me?” she asked. “of course” I replied. She laid on her back and opened her legs showing me her open pussy. “come on then” I didn’t need asking twice and moved forward on my knees close to her, she pulled a condom out of her bag and rubbered me up leaning forward she guided my cock inside of her. I left forward pushing my cock into her and her hands went behind me grabbing my arse and pulling me into her with each thrust I made. I leant down and kissed her as I thrust into her. Wow, here I was fucking this utterly hot milf outside. DAMN! I knew I wouldn’t last long and I started to moan slightly as I pushed hard into Trish’s hot moist pussy. She stopped me, pushing me back slightly and lifted her legs up putting a leg onto each of my shoulders and told me to fuck her hard. I didn’t need asking twice, wearing her heels like ear rings I slammed into her fucking faster and faster and quickly I could feel myself cumming, I pushed deep into her as I could feel my balls emptying inside the condom. “fuck fuck fuck” I shouted out. I pulled out my cock instantly softening, Trish lent down and took the condom off my cock tying it and putting her lips around tasting the cum off the tip of my cock. I was so tender I juddered as such took me into her mouth. Her phone beeped and she leaned over to her bag “get dressed” she said, ive got to go. I dressed quickly but spent every second watching her putting her clothes back on. As we walked back to the car she mentioned she had to pick someone up but she had loved every second of our meet that day. She was rather proud of the fact she had been the first woman id fucked and we talked about it becoming a regular thing.

We kissed and she squeezed my cock which was rock hard again and said next time we would have more fun.

We drove our separate ways and I emailed her later that night saying how much id enjoyed it and couldn’t wait to see her again. I waited and got no reply? I mailed again the next week, again to no reply. I dug a little on WAYN and found her, from the comments she was very popular with the guys but you could see she hadnt replied to anything openly.

Sadly she never made contact again.