Written by andrew1t1

7 Sep 2013

a night of sex the car pulls up to our arranged spot

I m by the trees waiting car light comes on window opens I move in

his cock already out his sexy mrs slow wanks him hard

my dick follows open legs her stocking tops show so sexy sight

coat open sexy bra she frees her tits mmm nipples hard

her hand finds her wet open pussy no nickers waw

car chair moves back she gets her legs open 1 2 fingers tease her clit

I start to wank he follows all 3 of us say nothing just wank

her wet pussy mmmm finger fucking her self we wank watching

almost touch her stocking legs but no

he gets up anufe in the chair so she can suck his rock hard dick

she wants his cum on her tits I move a better see cum shot view

fingering her self her man wanks towards her tits

nipples hard from sex and cool night air

he cums slashing her tits and open mouth her tong feeling hot cum

stocking legs up on dash she shouts to cum

me I cum all over car door say thanks and move on

clean up thay sound horn and drive off

a dream to old for a wish mmmm hope not