Written by Dale

23 Jan 2008

Just before November, I won a months free subscritption to a health centre and gym. I finally got to about the middle of the month. As I came out of the changing room, I saw the wife of an acquaintance standing beside a drinks machine and chatting to two blokes I did not know. There was a lot of laughing and touching, not sexually, just upper arms and once in a while one of the blokes would stroke Paula’s face with the back of his hand and she would laugh and push it away.

As I walked past, I said hello to her and she looked surprised even a little shocked and before I’d got into the weights room, I looked back and she’d walked off leaving the two blokes looking on after her.

I didn’t give this another thought but when I next went to the gym, Paula came over to me in the café and insisted that there was nothing but a little flirting when I’d see her with the two blokes from the other night. I told her that I’d not given it another thought which was the truth. Paula on the other hand mustn’t have believed me because two days later my mobile rang and it was Paula, she got my number from a mutual friend.

Paula wanted to meet me at a secluded picnic spot, which was fairly local, she wanted to discuss something with me.

Now at this point, I’d better describe Paula. 41, 5ft 4ish a bit heavy in the tit area, shapely legs and dark thick short cut hair, she’s not beautiful pretty, but rather a handsome woman and if not at the gym, usually found wearing a grey business suit and a pair of flat shoes..

I arrived at the place and Paula was already there. I pulled along side her big four track and she smiled and waved me to get in.

I noticed straight away that her skirt had ridden well up her legs and that she made no attempt to pull it down and I must admit, they looked even more shapely than ever, clad in black sheer nylon. Her Jacket was unbuttoned and I thought her blouse was unbuttoned a little farther than necessary for a woman dressed for work.

As soon as I got in, Paula again told me that there was nothing between her and the two guys at the gym, and pleaded with me never to say anything for fear that Phil her husband found out. He was as I know, extremely jealous and as he owned a rather large company, Paula made it clear that she could afford for him to cast her off as she put it.

Now I’m not stupid, Paula had called to meet me here, she could have just phoned. I also knew that Phil worked more hours than he was at home and here was Paula showing more leg than usual and all but pleading with me to keep quiet about something I considered nothing.

I turned to the side and looking at her, I put my hand on her leg, about six inches above her knee. Paula gave a little gasp but she didn’t stop me. I kept looking at her and stroking her leg, getting higher and still she did nothing to stop me. Emboldened by her acceptance of my hand on her leg, I stopped feeling her leg and unbuttoned her blouse still farther till she was open to her waste and showing he ample filled black bra. I leaned over and pulled her to me and kissed her whilst feeling her tit. Her mouth opened and I slipped in my tongue, exploring every part of it. My hand now lifted her bra over her tits, and believe me, I wasn’t disappointed, they spilled out in all their glory, her nipples standing up like half inch bolts, surrounded by the dark areola.

Paula was breathing ever harder and she took my head and pushed it down to her chest, indicating that she wanted me to suck and nibble her wonderful breasts.

As I did this, I slipped my hand back to her leg and up her skirt, this time going farther than before and to my great pleasure, found that instead of tights as I’d imagined, they were stockings, hold ups to be exact.

Paula spread her legs a little more giving me better access. Finally, I found the goal I sought, she didn’t have any pants on, and it turned out to the thickest hairiest fanny I’ve felt, I couldn’t wait to see this and pulled her skirt up, Paula lifting herself to help me. I stopped sucking on her nipples, and worked her skirt up around her waist. Wow, what a bush, it was trimmed, not left wild, but thick and black just like her head.

Paula was now shaking visibly and her chest was heaving.

I now placed my hand again on her fanny and found her clit, as soon as I touched it, she shook violently and pulled me to her to kiss her again. It was during this kiss that she had her first cum, I had my hand underneath her and tickled her clit with my thumb and I felt my hand become very wet.

I unzipped myself and took her hand and placed it in the fly opening and she pulled out my cock, just feeling it and squeezing it as if she didn’t know what to do with it.

Now my cock isn’t a whopper, a bit over 7 inches but has a decent girth and soon it was like a pole, well to tell the truth, it had been like that since I first put my hand on her leg.

I put my hand on the back of her head and pulled it down towards my cock. Paula looked at me questioningly. “Suck it Paula” I told her and she told me she never had done this before, “you’ll manage ok” I said and she opened her mouth and sucked the end, which I could feel was leaking pre-cum. It didn’t put Paula off, and she kept on sucking. Now the thought of this being her first suck, a virgin mouth, had a good effect on me and without warning, I filled her mouth with my cum., she gagged, coughed but swallowed it . I’ll never forget her lovely face as she came up with spunk on the side of her mouth.

I took a tissue and wiped it for her then pulled her to me and kissed her deeply and went to work on her fanny again.

She told me to stop and to get in the back, we let own the seats and I continued where I’d left off. Her fanny was running like a river and the smell of her sex filled the vehicle. I raised myself up and looked down on her, tits out skirt around her waist and this wonderful black bush all sticky with her juices, waiting to be fucked. I took my cock in my hand and guided it to her opening. Placed the head just inside and slowly slipped into this warm wet tunnel, savouring that first pleasurable feeling.

We fucked for a good 15 minutes before I came inside her, was she on the pill, I couldn’t care less, I was only interested in filling her womb.

As it was, she is on the pill and since then, Paula and I have become fuck buddies and meet at least twice a week.

I want to thank the local paper who put up the prize for the gym fee that started all this in the first place.

Thank you Metro.